Tenga Egg (Stepper) Review

Most of our toys are all about me.  Stimulators, vibrators, nipple toys…me, me, ME!  Husband has never complained about that, but honestly, I felt a little guilty.   Surely, there must be something I can get for him?

We decided to get one of the many male stimulators out there to add some variety to foreplay, manual sex (hand jobs) and oral sex (blow jobs).  But since we had never had such a toy and there are oh-so-many out there, which one should we get?  Would he even like it?  I knew I wanted to get him something high-quality, but the idea of dropping a fair amount of money on a toy that he wasn’t necessarily going to like was a bit daunting.  Then, we discovered the Tenga Egg.  It’s relatively cheap and disposable, and we thought it would be perfect to find out if he (and we) would like this sort of thing.
A little bit about it: The egg is made of silicone (use water-based lubricant only!), disposable, and very, very stretchy.  It is textured on the inside, and each variety of egg has a different texture.  Ours was the “stepper.”  Even though the egg looks very small (about the size of a tangerine) it can stretch all the way down the shaft of the penis.
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The egg flipped inside-out so you can
see the textures on the inside.
On the bottom of the egg is an opening.  Place some water-based lubricant in it (it comes with a small packet of it), and then slide the whole thing down over the head of the penis.
Packaging: The Tenga Egg comes in a little plastic egg very similar to the ones you see at Easter.  There’s a little shrink wrap sleeve on the outside that gives some basic information.
What I loved: This was a great way to dip our toes, so to speak, into the world of male-specific sex toys.  He had never had a masturbator toy before, and found he really loved the convenience of it.  No mess to clean up after!  That’s pretty handy.  I loved that my hand didn’t get tired using it on him.  The egg did most of the work.  And, of course, it felt good for him!
What I didn’t: The egg is meant to be a one-use disposable.  At around $10 each, it’s a bit pricey for something you should only use once.
Final thought: The Tenga Egg is what Husband has termed a “gateway toy.”  It’s great to use if you want to see if a masturbator is something you may want to add to the bedroom without a huge monetary commitment.  It’s even great for travel, since if you lose it or forget it somewhere, you are only out about $10, and once it’s used, you can just throw it away.  In short, I recommend it for people that fit into those two categories (newbies and travelers), but not for experienced users looking for a new favorite toy.


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  1. Did you see the idea that you can turn it inside out, place it over the penis, and use it to stimulate the woman? I haven’t tried this yet but I hope to sometime soon. 🙂

    • I hadn’t heard that, but Husband did come up with that idea on his own. We tried it, but it didn’t do much for me. It made him feel…rounded, I guess? And the textures didn’t really do it for me. Also, I we stretched it too far and it broke. Oops.

  2. Sorry to jump on an old thread but I just found your site. We tried the Tenga Egg and ours broke halfway through it’s initiation. We weren’t aware that they were made to be disposable though; just thought it was a cheapo piece of crap. lol
    Now we know and maybe we’ll try again. We’ll just be gentler next time. 😉

    • Please, jump away! Yes, the Eggs are made to be disposable, and they will rip easily if you aren’t careful. Tenga also makes a Flip Hole, but it’s expensive, heavy, and only lasts for something like 50 uses. I’ll be reviewing that one soon.

  3. We actually already have the Flip and he likes it okay. Said it’s nothing to scream about. We just read on another blog (RuffledSheets.com) that he’s been using it for thrusting instead of focusing on the buttons though, so he’s going to give it another try using this technique and see if he’s happier with the results.

    We look forward to your review as well!

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