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~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

–>Please note!<–  This review is for the We-Vibe 4, not the We-Vibe 4 Plus.

I’m always on the lookout for a toy that Husband and I can use together.  We have lots of vibes, but they often get in the way, are bulky, don’t have enough power, etc, etc.  When I learned about C-shaped vibes that are designed to be warn by a woman during penetrative sex, I snatched up the We-Vibe 3.  I reviewed it, and even wrote a follow-up review, but I was simply not impressed.  The vibrations were weak.  It didn’t stay in place during sex like it was supposed to.  It was a decent foreplay toy, but that’s about it.  After being so excited about it, I was crushed.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have the We-Vibe Touch and the Salsa* and love them both.  The We-Vibe 3, though…No.  Just no.

When I heard that the We-Vibe 4 was coming out, I wasn’t too excited.  Then I looked at the design.  I mean really looked.  That’s when I realized that most of the issues I had, like the sliding around during sex, may actually be fixed by the new design. [Spoiler: the problems were fixed by the new design.]

A little bit about it: Like it’s predecessor, the We-Vibe 4 is a couple’s vibrator designed to have one arm lay against the clitoris, and the other against the G-spot, and held in place by pressure.  It’s silicone, waterproof, rechargeable with a USB port, and comes with a remote.  If you don’t want to use the remote, or if you’re like me and constantly lose things, the vibe can also be operated with a button on the vibe itself.

What I loved: Let’s start with the silky smooth matte silicone.  It’s one of those toys that I carried around for a little while when I received it, because it felt so nice in my fingers.  My fingers just sort of glide over it, as opposed to glossy silicone, which has a lot of drag.

The redesigned shape holds onto my body.  The tension keeps it pretty well in place for the most part, with only an occasional readjustment.  This is a far cry from the We-Vibe 3, which I could not get to stay in place at all.  However, if we don’t use lubrication on either Husband or on the vaginal arm, the friction of sex bumps it out of place.  With a little lubrication, everything stays put, which if you think about it is kind of counter intuitive, but there it is.

None of this means anything if it doesn’t have decent vibrations, but it does.  It has several patterns and three speeds, the strongest of which is not quite as strong as the Salsa, but it’s a respectable low 4 out of 5 on the scale of vibration strength.  I should mention that this is as low as I can go with vibration strength and still find it pleasurable.

The thing I loved most about the We-Vibe 4 is that it’s hands-free, worry-free fun.  It’s not cumbersome, it doesn’t get in the way, and it works both for me, and for him.  The vaginal arm doesn’t get in his way, and he tells me the vibrations actually make it even better for him.  I like it, he likes it, and it’s a true win-win.

In short, everywhere the We-Vibe 3 failed me, the We-Vibe 4 was an amazing success.

What I didn’t: The vaginal arm that’s meant to stimulate the G-spot does nothing for me.  Nada.  To be fair, there is only one G-spot vibrator that actually did anything for me.  I’m way more interested in what the clitoral arm has going on.

The 4 is charged via USB port.  I hate, hate, hate USB chargers.  Some people just love them and find them convenient.  For me, it’s the other way around.  This has to do with where the computers in the house are kept.  It’s really hard to charge a sex toy via USB port away from prying eyes, even on my laptop.  A wall plug is much more convenient for me.

The only other complaint I have is that in cowgirl position, I accidentally grind the vibe against Husband’s pubic bone.  But honestly, that’s just the way we fit together and no fault of the toy.

Comparison to We-Vibe 3: I mentioned that the 4 fixed so many of the problems I had with 3.  I want to hit on a couple of those.  First off, even though they both come with remotes, I constantly lose small parts like that.  I put the remotes where they belong, but I knock the container over or move it while looking for something, and poof, they’re gone.  The remotes work, but I never have the darn things handy.  Thankfully, both of these vibes have a button on them so they can be operated without the remote (Thank you, We-Vibe!), but the button on the We-Vibe 3 is on the top of the clitoral arm.  It’s not in the best place, as far as access goes.  On the We-Vibe 4, it’s on the front of the clitoral arm.  So much better.
wevibecompareThe vibrations of the 4 feel a little stronger than the 3, but more importantly, the vibrations are focused where they need to be because it actually stays put.  Instead of merely an exaggerated C shape, the We-Vibe 4 closer fits the shape of the vaginal and clitoral areas.  Plus, the area where the two arms join, though still flexible, is also much stiffer than in the 3.  It doesn’t just flop open and closed, but maintains it’s proper shape.

Final Thought: Even though I would prefer the We-Vibe 4 to be even a little stronger yet, the fact that it stays put, delivers rumbly vibrations where they need to be, and is hands-free makes it a nearly ideal toy for us.  It’s worth the nearly $160 price tag.  However, if you need something more than the higher end of moderate vibration strength to orgasm, but still want something small and out of the way, you’re better off looking at the We-Vibe Tango.

One last thing: there is a small problem with all C-shaped vibes like this, and that is because everyone’s anatomy is different, vibes like the We-Vibe 4 will either fit you, or they won’t.  It won’t hit everyone quite right, or fit just right, and unfortunately, the only way to find out if it fits you is to try it.

*The Salsa is no longer sold.  The Tango is nearly the same as the Salsa, with a different shaped head.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~


We-Vibe 4 Review — 52 Comments

  1. I love wearing my 3 around as a panty vibe, so I’m super excited to get my 4! I haven’t tried to use the 3 with my partner, but it’s silicone is so draggy I can see it being problematic, so I’m super excited about them changing that in the 4.
    Great review!

  2. The 3 looks extremely draggy. As well as the 2 and 1. And they are bulky! Now the 4 is a different story! Looks so much better (though I wished it came in more color options). Good thing buttons are on the toy because I tend to lose my things a lot…

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  4. Great review! My wife and I just got one of these… but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Hopefully tonight. 😉

    We had our eye on the 2 and then 3 but were afraid of the size. When the 4 came out it looked like something that will defiantly work for us. We’ll report back here after we try it.

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  6. Solution to your USB charging dilemma. There are charger adapters that you can plug your USB cord into that go into an electrical wall outlet. I got them with my iPod and iPhone. Works well.

  7. I have to disagree for the most part. My husband and I used the We Vibe 4 and were not impressed. So NOT worth $160. It was good as a foreplay toy but not as something to increase the pleasure for intercourse. In fact it did the opposite. I love the sensation of feeling my husband, with the We Vibe 4 in place it cut the sensation down by at least half for both of us. With each thrust the Vibe would move does not stay in place was more of a hassle than anything completely ruined the mood due to frustration trying to get it to work. We tried multiple positions thinking that would do the trick but no such luck. It does feel good to the touch is soft and smooth. Ultimately we ended up going back to using a standard bullet for clitoral stimulation which always does the trick 😉

    • Hi, Vicky! Thanks for weighing in. The main problem with C or U-shaped wearable vibrators are they are somewhat anatomy dependent. Since everyone’s vagina/clitoral size and placement are different, it won’t fit everyone perfectly. Unfortunately, as far as I know the only way to know if these kinds of vibes will fit you right is to try it.

      I personally loved the WV4, but I know there were other bloggers that hated it. I hated the WV2, but I know other bloggers loved it.

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  9. So my husband is amazing and bought me the we vibe 4 for my birthday because I’ve been talking about it a bunch. It’s pretty much amazing. So I’ve just been playing with it all morning checking out the speeds and patterns, and I notice that mine has 9 speeds. No joke. So I know that you said it only has 4 speeds, but mine totally has 9. Anyway, I love your blog, and I want to be like you when I grow up.

    • Hi, Katy! Glad you liked it. The speed confusion is probably due to the fact that I count speeds and patterns as two completely different things.

  10. I got the vibe but when it is inside my wife the distance is 4 to 6 inches not 5 to 10 feet. Is this normal??

    Frustrated husband

    The good part is sitting at a gas station while I pumped gas she got off.

    • Hi, Craig. I’m not quite sure what you mean by distance, but I’m guessing you mean the distance that the remote works on the vibe. I think it would depend on what’s between the remote and the vibe. You may want to reach out to We-Vibe and ask about it.

  11. Great product, feels great and is comfortable for both partners, but stopped holding its battery after one year… If you wear a condom it will rip your condom off. I would still recommend buying it.

  12. Terrible device the number 4. Will not stay in place as described whether my wife uses it by herself or we try as a couple. Save your money and continue to use the $15 toy you probably already own. Also, their customer service associate (#10) was no help and very rude. I should have known, any company that cannot guarantee customer satisfaction, STAY AWAY FROM.

    • Hi, Ed! That’s the problem with C or U shaped toys. They will either fit you right or they won’t. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to know unless you buy one. I’d love to see makers of these types of toys come out with some sort of anatomical measurement guide to help potential buyers figure out if the toys would fit their anatomy.

  13. Like others have stated, the we vibe 4 just doesn’t work as advertised. My wife and I bought it thinking we wouldn’t have any issues as far as movement goes but sure enough, from the moment we started we knew it was a bust. Not only is it very distracting but it’s also kills the mood when you have to constantly be adjusting it and putting it back in place. My advice for anyone that is thinking about purchasing one is to save your money. A much cheaper basic vibrator will give you just as much pleasure without all the hassle. I actually kind of feel ripped off to be honest.

    • ditto,its a lots of outlay to then not work as advertised.They should have ‘squeaky clean’ hire models so folks could try before they buy..I know some would freak at the thought but some probably have more spare cash than I lol

      • I’d totally hire a squeaky clean model! I got mine today and I am rather disappointed. I can forgive the fit; I know everyone is different. But remote and app for us both do not work well. Both are laggy, even when nothing is between me. His app cuts out constantly!

  14. I purchased the vibe 4. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but the battery does not last very long. It lasted at least 3 minutes… not around 3 hours as per the booklet. I know if it’s on a faster mode it uses more power but I expected this to last a bit longer than normal vibe’s. We have not tried it yet as a couple but I’m not sooooo impressed as I thought…

  15. What would you say is your all time favorite G Spot toy? I’m looking for a good one and would like to know your recommendation.

  16. We bought the we vibe 4 plus yesterday and last night was the first time using it. It kept moving out, didn’t seem long enough for the clit part, the app on the phone kept stopping, and had to keep re syncing the remote to it. Not too impressed at all with it. It couldn’t make her orgasm just by itself, my tongue helped. But I didn’t mind that one bit.

    • Hello, Thanks for the review/comments. I have a WV4plus as well. I found problems with the connection not workingn constistantly. Have you found any solutions to this. Btw I use it with an andriod. In addition I have been having troubles with the “Connect with my Lover” feature, have you as well?



      • Hi, TF. This review is for the WV4, not the WV4 Plus, so I truly don’t know about the connection problems. I would contact We-Vibe directly.

  17. Whats your favorite g-spot vibrator? whats your favorite double penetrator? do you know a a good pocket pussy thats good for traveling and might also include vibrating? what are your all time favorite couple toys for the bedroom?

    • Hi, Melissa! My favorite G-spot vibrator is the Mona 2. I’m still not sure what you mean by the way you describe a double penetrator. You mean like a strap on that he can also use his penis with so that the partner can be double penetrated, or some sort of dildo that has a hole on one end for his penis? If that’s the case, I just tried the Rhino penis extender that does that, and it’s pretty great.

      Male masturbators, uh… we haven’t tried too many, to be honest. I’d go talk with Will over at http://www.mrwillshouseofthrills.com/. He’s an expert in male toys.

  18. by double penetrator I’m talking about the one that your male partner wears that includes great pleasure for him also. thank you!

  19. This is probably the least sexy comment ever, but if you have an iPhone, you can use the wall plug cube to charge any USB, not just your phone wire. Amazon has just the cubes so you can plug your We-Vibe USB wire into the cube and leave it as a dedicated plug.

  20. I looooove my vibe 4!!! It’s perect for my husband and i. Only problem is that it won’t charge anymore. We’ve had it a month and it started out great, but now it refuses to charge. I think it’s a problem with the vibe itself. Very very sad about this. I guess we need to contact the manufacturer. I miss it already!!

  21. This toy is an epic fail. I was so disappointed bc of the price. The gspot part did not stay in place bc of my vaginas pulsating. The actual vibration was so weak so the clitoral part failed also. I tried with and without my husband and I just went back to my trusty $15 toy!!

  22. Well not so merry Xmas..ive been wanting to get a we vibe for ages due to the way people rave on about it..i got the 4..well wished I had saved my cash…pitty u cant buy a dummy to try for fit & comfort..u cant take it back to the shop after its been where its been lol…i hate it..its booring compared to the real sex we have..it just killed the pleasure for me..got in the way & hurt my pubic bone & urethra..squashed my clitoris & buzzed in the wrong places for me…i just wanted to throw it across the room or shuv it up the designers bum..sorry
    ..my guy only enjoyed it a bit in positions from behind me..so it rubbed his lower penis..so its defiantly a no go for missionary..as pubic bones get bashed by the vibe also..not that missionary is our main aim..still like to chuk it in there now & again

  23. Hi there-

    We love your reviews and it helped us a lot about our choices. We purchased Vibe-4 two months ago and we enjoy it. It is not something extra special but increase the pleasure. I was wondering what is your favorite couple sex toy? Or is there anything like that?

  24. I am considering this vibrator for my online slave. Is it easy to wear under clothing as you go about your day? I figure panties would hold it in places, but my slaves doesn’t wear panties, would tight jeans be enough to keep it in place as she goes about her day?

  25. Sorry but very disappointed in this product and we had such high hopes. Just won’t stay in place and having to readjust just kills the mood!!! Guess I’m built different.

    • Lots of people don’t like the U-shaped vibrators. They are very anatomy dependent. I’ve been telling people that if they are unsure to get a sex compatible clitoral vibe like the We-vibe Tango or Touch instead.

  26. Looking at the 4, although after reading the comments we will not be buying one as the battery problem is still there. We have our We Vibe 3 lasting 2 minutes on a full charge. Thought this was corrected with We Vibe 4 although the reviews are saying it is still prevalent after only one year. Will stay away from this vibe.

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