Tenga Flip Hole Black Review

fliphole1I’ve been promising this post for a while but kept putting it off.  In fact, I bought the Tenga Flip Hole for Husband as a Christmas gift over a year ago.  Why such a long span of time when I’m quick to review most of the products I own?  Because for the most part the Flip Hole has simply been collecting dust, ignored by us because it is simply not the incredible toy it claims to be.  Oh, it has it’s charms, but it also has it’s failings that make it a complete pain to use.

A little bit about it: The Tenga Flip Hole in black is a unique kind of male masturbator.  It’s made of TPE, swings open completely for cleaning, and is full of varying textures.  With proper care, Tenga predicts you can get about 50 uses from a Flip Hole.

What I loved: Since I suffer from the condition known as “not having a penis,” I can’t say too much about the way the textures feel.  (We’ll get to Husband’s point of view in a minute.)  What I loved, however, was the variety the Flip Hole brought.  Husband owns other male toys, but none are quite like this.  Plus, it swings all the way open for easy cleaning.  Very handy.

What he loved: The textures are varied and provide different sensations from anything else, and provide lots of sensation on the tip of the penis.  For comparison, he likens the pleasure aspect to being similar to the Tenga Egg, but with more textured sensation, and definitely better than a hand.  As to how it compares to sex, it’s apples and oranges.  Although it doesn’t feel as good as sex, it is a pleasurable, but completely different feeling.  Vaginas, after all, aren’t as textured as this.fliphole2

What I didn’t love: It’s freaking heavy.  I mean really, really heavy.  If we are using the flip hole together in order to add variety, I find my arm tires out very fast.  Also, it’s TPE, which is a porous material.  If you don’t know why that’s a problem, let me put it this way: you can never be sure it is completely clean, and it can not be sanitized.  TPE also breaks down over time.  Even though we’ve only used it a handful of times, the material has started to stick to itself when we try to open it.

What he didn’t love: He also complains of the weight of the thing.  There doesn’t seem to be a comfortable position to use it.  He’s tried using with his hands, lying on it, etc., and there just isn’t a good way.

Although the textures are nice, it doesn’t compare to the Tenga Eggs when it comes to precision.  The eggs stretch in every direction, are thin, and allow you to put pressure exactly where you need it.  The Flip Hole, however, only stretches widthwise, and due to it’s size and thickness does not allow the user to place pressure where it needs to be.

Final thought: We both say this is a nice try, but the eggs are better.  Even though Tenga Eggs are disposable, they grant just as much pleasure as the Flip Hole with none of the drawbacks.  As for asking price, I told Husband that they retail for about $90-100.  He looked shocked and said without hesitation that it’s way overpriced.  I have to agree.  Purchase it if you are a huge fan of extreme textures, but know those textures come with a quite a lot of drawbacks.


Tenga Flip Hole Black Review — 4 Comments

  1. Did he ever try sticking it between two pillows and fucking it that way? It worked for my partner and solved the heaviness problem. TPE is definitely a problem with this toy =( I guess that’s a reason why they’ve limited the use to 50 times. But with a high price tag like this, 50 times seem to be a little bit too little.

  2. My husband has the red one that he’s used only a handful (hah!) of times. One thing he cautions against is using too much lube, as it can counteract all the texture. The buttons on the outside of the sleeve are what you’re supposed to use for desired pressure where you want it. Hubby usually uses one hand to move the Flip while the other hand works the buttons.

  3. Yeah, he said the same thing. The pressure is limited to top/bottom or sides, but not all around like he’d prefer. He liked the Tenga egg better, sensation wise, but the darned thing is just too fragile. He couldn’t even get one use out of it. 🙁

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