Clearly, I’m Never Going to Grow Up

There is a box on it’s way from the fantastic shop, Lovehoney.  Now, Lovehoney has a presence both in the US and UK, and the alert email I received was from the UK people.  The subject?  “Your Order Has Been Dispatched.”  Of course, I know that one of the meanings of dispatch is “sent” but I’ve never actually seen it used that way.  I’ve only ever heard it to mean the group of people or office that sends out police/fire/medical personnel, or to mean to hack something to bits with a sword.  OK, that last one is probably from too many video games as a child.

So, I get this totally helpful and not hilarious at all alert, but my brain upon seeing it does one of these:


Eh, who wants to be a complete grown-up, anyway?


Clearly, I’m Never Going to Grow Up — 2 Comments

  1. PUAHAHAHAHA! Did you make that doodle? It is so amazing and cute! Always keep that young heart! You’re never too old for a young heart. Who ever told you that you had to act all tough and mature when you get to a certain age! Nobody! So go ahead and enjoy yourself! ^-^ Well, you’re entertaining me too with that adorable drawing =P

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