And Then I Got a Piercing Part 4

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As promised, I want to update my feelings on the nipple piercings I got back in October.  I left off with being mildly annoyed with them, being sleep deprived, and plagued by nightmares.  I was ready to rip those puppies out and forget the whole thing had ever happened.

It turns out that my original feelings on one of the piercings was spot on: on one side, it was too far out onto the nipple.  It would be a few months before I realized this was the problem, but in the meantime it caused the first 2 weeks to be insanely unbearable.  I was in massive amounts of pain on that one side.  It hurt to wash, sleep, even put a shirt on.  Even though it hurt like nothing else I’d experienced (except maybe that one time when I tore a bunch of ligaments in my foot), there was no sign of infection.  No fever, no redness, no funky leakage, and only moderate swelling.  There were times when no one was watching when I would just sit and cry, so strong was the pain.  I started to wonder if maybe the piercer had hit a nerve.  But I also knew that I was very early in the healing time, and things would get better.  They had to.  I was going to get through this.

After two weeks, I began to improve.  I had read people say that bras are necessary for healing.  Others said just rock a t-shirt.  Personally, I found that some days my body wanted bras.  Other times shelf bra camis.  Still others, t-shirts.  The healing went much faster once I started listening to what my body actually wanted, as opposed to doing what I thought it should want.

I was thrilled when I finally started to feel better.  But right as I started to improve, I accidentally snagged the offending piercing.  I was right back to square one.  Massive pain.  It would be another few weeks before I started to feel better again.

After about a month and a half, I was nearly pain-free, except for some mild soreness occasionally, usually around PMS time.  But I wasn’t in love with them.  Since they were still healing, any nipple play during sex was out.  That’s what had me the most frustrated.  Although Husband was also missing nipple play, he reminded me that it won’t be this way forever.  It was also around this time when I realized the one offending piercing really was not quite placed correctly.  Husband offered to have it taken out and re-pierced after healing, but I was very clear on my feelings about them: If these suckers come out, they stay out.  I told him that there is no guarantee that I would go back to get it corrected.  I didn’t want to go through the pain again when the result may not be much better.

At two months, the felt mostly fine.  Now, at three months, I barely notice them except for when they get in the way.  One is most certainly mostly healed.  The other, the one that caused so much pain, is healing, but not at the rate of the other one.  The piercer told me that I might be able to change the piercings as early as three months in, and if both of the piercings were behaving the way the good one is, it might be true.  [Side note: I’ve noticed most piercers do not recommend changing nipple jewelry so early.]

So where are we now?  Husband is eagerly awaiting when I can change jewelry.  There is a particular type he wants to see me try.  And as for the claim that piercings increase sensitivity, well, in my experience it’s both a yes and a no.  Before the piercings, I couldn’t really feel my nipples unless they were played with pretty roughly.  For the first two months after the piercings, there was increased sensitivity, but in a really bad way.  Now, sometimes they are more sensitive, and sometimes not.  When they are sensitive, it’s now in a good way and adds all sorts of fun to sex.

Am I going to keep them?  Maybe.  I will for the next few months at least, now that they mostly don’t bother me.  I don’t love them, since they limit nipple play and occasionally get snagged.  But I don’t hate them, either.  I love how excited Husband is about them.  It’s one of those situations where I’m excited by seeing how excited he is.  I just feel very meh about them.  If tomorrow he said to me, “I’m kind of over them,” I would take them out in a heartbeat.  I’m tired of cleaning them.

You may be wondering if I regret getting them.  For all the pain and irritation they’ve caused me, no.  I don’t regret it.  I may not love them, I may not keep them, but they’ve become part of my story.  It’s something I can say that I did.  It’s something I can own.  It’s something that’s a private sexual celebration, and not an experience I would give up.  I may not keep them, but I’m glad I did it.  I wouldn’t encourage other people to get theirs done, but I wouldn’t dissuade them, either.  What I would do is caution them.  Nipple piercings are not like getting your ears pierced.  It’s a long, sometimes very difficult healing time that you have to be committed to.

All that being said, I’m looking forward to the time when I can finally change them.  After that, we’ll decide if we are truly done with the piercings, or if it’s something I want to keep for a while.

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