Sqweel Go Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review~

I’m not ashamed to say that I enjoy receiving oral sex, but unfortunately sqweel1I’m one of those people that takes for-ev-er to get to clitoral orgasm, especially via the Husband’s tongue.  It is not unusual for me to take an hour trying to reach orgasm by cunnilingus, which wears Husband out so much it becomes not so sexy.  So when I was offered the Sqweel Go Oral Sex Simulator from Lovehoney, I was excited to try it.

A little bit about it: Sqweel Go, like it’s predecessor the Sqweel 2, is an oral sex simulator.  It is made with a plastic body and little silicone tongue-shaped paddles that spin around, imitating a licking motion.  It’s waterproof, rechargeable, has 3 speeds and 3 patterns (6 settings total) and comes in your choice of purple and pink, white and pink, and pink with lighter pink.  Don’t like pink?  Well… sorry.

What I loved: I’m going to have to start this off by saying that the Sqweel Go did not bring me to orgasm.  Not even close.  I’m getting that out of the way now so you don’t wonder why I’m not talking orgasm in the What I Loved section.


The Sqweel Go’s stimulation is unique.  I’ve not run across another toy with similar design, aside from other versions of the Sqweel.  And, it feels good.  Really good.  With a little bit of water based lubrication and a low setting, the little tongues do feel amazing on my clitoris and does wonders for getting me in the mood, even if I’m not starting with a sexy mindset.

Not only do the tongues feel good on my clitoris on low power, but they feel nice all over my skin.  It’s a feeling more solid than a tickle, but not quite as present as an actual tongue.  It’s gentle, soothing, and arousing.

What I didn’t: There are no orgasms to be found here.  None.  I tried and tried.  Nada.  I was even in the most sensitive and easily aroused stage of my 6-week lady cycle.  Nothing.  Oh, it felt pleasurable, but it simply couldn’t get me there.  When I tried the higher speeds, it felt really draggy, even with lots of lubrication, and not pleasurable at all.  Not even a little, and eventually it’s more uncomfortable than simply not pleasurable.  Think of it this way: rub your fingertips very gently along your arm.  Feels good, right?  Not orgasmic, but nice.  Now rub faster.  Now a little faster.  Doesn’t feel good, but it doesn’t hurt.  Keep going.  Add some lubricant, if you’d like.  Now how does it feel?  Maybe not painful, but kind of annoying, am I right?  That’s how the higher levels of the Sqweel Go feel to me.

And yes, because I’m sure someone will ask, I did use lubricant on it as instructed.

The Sqweel is supposed to be quiet, however, I was a little annoyed by how loud mine was.  I turned it on high, set it on the bed, and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind me.  I then went from my bedroom door to the opposite end of the living room (about 30 feet), and could still hear it whirring away.  Granted, there was no ambient noise in the house at the time and the noise could be drowned out by a TV or other electronic noises.  As another experiment, I turned it on high and went to Husband, who was sitting in the living room watching TV.  Without him turning down the volume, I asked him to listen to me carry the Sqweel away, and let me know when he couldn’t hear it any more.  It took roughly 15 feet before he couldn’t hear it.  Is that discreet enough?  Maybe.  It depends.  If there is a lot of noise in your house and you don’t have people hanging around outside your bedroom door, then yes.  Probably.

Final Thought:  I’m of two minds about the Sqweel Go.  On one hand, it completely fails me as a toy meant to bring orgasm.  On the other hand, it is an amazing foreplay toy.  Now, I know some of you may be thinking, “Hey, when you call a toy that failed you a good foreplay toy, that’s a cop-out!  That’s basic sex blogging!”  Yep, I get that, and I’m among the first to call BS on sugar coating reviews.  But in this case it’s actually very, very true.  It is useless to me as a toy to bring orgasm, but it is also very good at giving pleasurable sensations and getting me in the mood.  I sort of think of it like massage stones or edible body powder.  These things (probably) won’t bring the user to orgasm, but they do feel lovely and are nice to have around.  They are sex accessories–sexcessories?–which are nice additions to the toy box.  That’s how I feel about this toy.

For experienced toy users, the Sqweel Go will probably be more of a foreplay toy or just a nice addition to change up your routine.  For those that are looking to orgasm, I’d say you’d probably have to have a clitoris that’s on the sensitive side for this to work for you.

Want your own?  Lovehoney graciously sent me this one to review, but you can find your own here.  Sqweel Go not your thing?  Check out Lovehoney’s other clitoral vibrators.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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