Seagrape Chocolate Edible Honey Dust Review

~I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.~honeydust

Oh, how I love natural body products.  Love.  I hoard my natural soaps.  I make my own lotion and lip balm.  I have an ever growing collection of essential oils.  Of course, I’ve tried a lot of natural bath and body companies.  Some had great products, but terrible service, and some had decent service but had products that weren’t so natural as… “natural.”  It’s a rare find to have both.

Enter Seagrape Bath and Body, now carried by one of my favorite stores, Shevibe!  Shevibe has graciously sent me a sample of Seagrape’s Edible Honey Dust, Deep Light Massage Candle, and Exotic Fields Massage Oil.  All are natural, and all fantastic.  To start off the trio of reviews, let’s talk about the first product I tried: Chocolate Edible Honey Dust.

A little bit about it: Edible dust is made to be sprinkled on the skin and then kissed or licked off.  I’ve never been too interested in the idea of edible powder, partly because it didn’t sound like fun, but mostly because most of the powders I’ve seen were full of artificial ingredients.  Since most of my body products are all natural, when I get a whiff or taste of something not quite right, it’s a huge turn-off.  However since Seagrape’s Edible Honey Dust is made from natural ingredients, I was willing to give it a try.

Ingredients: cornstarch, honey powder, vanilla powder, Dutch pressed cocoa powder + love.

Yes, love is listed as one of the ingredients.  You can totally taste the love.

What I loved: Husband and I tried the dust on each other.  I really thought the best I could hope for was to be able to recommend it to people that are into edible body powders.  I didn’t think I was one of them, and didn’t think Husband was, either.  But, since we’ve never actually tried edible dust, we figured we may surprise ourselves.

Wow, were we surprised!  We loved it.  It’s now one of our favorite foreplay activities.  Dusting the powder on with a feather is amazing.  It feels soft and sweet and sensual, without feeling like we’ve fallen over into pink painted cute.  It’s light and delightfully sweet smelling, and reminds me of hot chocolate.  The taste, though, reminds me of dark chocolate.  It’s not super sweet, but just sweet enough to be delicious.

Licking and kissing all over is something we both enjoy, but I was concerned that the power would leave our skin sticky.  That’s not the case.  There’s not a bit of stickiness, so no need to jump back in the shower after using it.

What I didn’t: We both tend to knock over the open jar while using it, but that’s more of our lack of coordination than a problem with Seagrape.

Final thought:  Worth it.  Even though we both like kissing and licking all over, we rarely make time for it.  With this edible dust, with it’s light scent and delicate taste, we have a reason to slow down.  It doesn’t leave our skin sticky, and neither the scent nor taste are overpowering.  I’ve seen other body products meant to enhance sex that have scents that just overpower me.  This isn’t one of them.

Moreover, we’re the kind of people that say, “Hey, let’s take some more time to do foreplay today,” and we both agree, but then just sort of awkwardly sit there.  Sometimes it’s hard to pick a direction to take, but with made-for-foreplay items like the honey dust, we get the ball rolling a little bit easier.

Yes, I am a sex blogger that just admitted that I suck at foreplay.  Honesty in blogging, friends.  Honesty in blogging.

Oh, and the bit I mentioned about customer service?  I had emailed them with a question about their massage candle, and they answered promptly and politely, without talking to me like an idiot.  Yes, I have had companies explain things to me like I was a 5-year-old (usually while trying to tell me why I should be buying lots and lots from them).  Seagrape, though, was patient and answered all my questions without talking down to me.  Bravo.

Want your own edible honey dust?  Of course you do!  Shevibe sells them in kits with other amazing Seagrape products!  If you want an individual item instead of a kit, you can check out Seagrape’s site.

~I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.~


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  1. I don’t even think this bottle will make it to the foreplay part… I’ll have probably eaten it all before we even got the clothes taken off… I’m very bad with food. I just shove them in my mouth…=S

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