Jopen Key Comet G Review

*Note*: This review is for the original, non-vibrating Comet G.comet1

The Comet G was on my radar as soon as it came out, but I resisted for a good long time.  I had already tried the Io from Jopen’s Key line, but felt nothing but hatred for it.  Before that, I had tried Jopen’s Ego e3, which also failed me.  Add that to the fact that Jopen’s parent company is California Exotics, which I haven’t had very good experiences with, I thought I was pretty much done with Jopen and CalEx.

But something kept drawing me back towards it.  It was so pretty and had options for colors other than pink.  A simple, curved, G-spot, silicone covered glass dildo.  It would be hard to screw that up, right?  RIGHT???

This was not a toy that was simply given to me for review.  I had to put up for this toy.  When it comes to my own funds, I want to be darn sure I’m going to love it.  The final push I needed to give it a try was when renown sex toy reviewer Epiphora actually compared it to the awesomeness of a Pure Wand.  Sold.


A little bit about it:  The Comet G is a glass dildo that has been dipped in silicone.  The large bulb on the end makes hitting the G-spot a little easier (in my opinion) than smaller toys.  Its head has a circumference of 5 inches, and is 8 inches long along the inner curve, 9.5 along the outer curve (by my measurements).


What I loved:  At first I didn’t love the Comet G.  It sat all alone and sad with other discarded toys after just a few uses.  It felt weird.  I didn’t like it.  The silicone had a lot of drag and I thought it felt uncomfortable.

After a while of it being tucked away, I decided to take it out again and give it another try.  I’m so glad I did.  I realized that though I only have to use a tiny bit of lubricant with other toys, with this one I need significantly more.  Once I realized that, the toy became a lot more pleasurable.

I wondered why I would want to have the Comet G when I already have a Pure Wand.  The Pure Wand, after all, stimulates my G-spot so nicely, I couldn’t imagine something working any better.  I mean, the Pure Wand gave me my first G-spot orgasm!  How is this going to top that?

Honestly, it doesn’t top it, but it is equal to it.  Both the Pure Wand and Comet G have both the curve and firmness that I find essential for G-spot stimulation, but they are different.  While the Pure Wand just glides across my G-spot and relies on pressure, the Comet G uses friction to tug on the G-spot, even with lubricant.  I noticed that Epiphora had the same thought.

Did I orgasm with it?  Yes.  Yes.  Oh, yes.  I have no trouble calling this an orgasm giver, once I realized I just needed more lubrication to use it comfortably.

What I didn’t: The Comet G is kind of a lube hog.  I usually don’t have to reapply lubricant, but I do with the Comet G if I use it for longer than just a couple of minutes.  Though the matte silicone covering the insertion portion feels nice on my fingers, it has quite a bit of drag to it.  You have to be prepared to use a lot of lubricant.

The only other thing I noticed was a slight problem with it occasionally catching on the underside of my pubic bone.  This wasn’t a big deal for me, but it may be for others.  I’ve noticed a few people have had trouble with even the Pure Wand catching on their pubic bones.  I’m not sure if it would more of an issue with the Comet G, since it has a little less dramatic of a curve, or worse, since it has so much friction.

Final thought:  You can pick up the Comet G for about $80 or so, which is a little less expensive than the Pure Wand.  I do think it is worth adding to your toy collection, as the slight pulling sensation is something unique to this toy that I haven’t experienced before.  Oh, and it gave me orgasms.  I mean, there’s that.  I think I’m going to have to move it from my box of seldom used toys to the box of toys that I must keep handy at all times.


Jopen Key Comet G Review — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve heard from several people now that their first experience with this toy was sort of lackluster… until they realized they needed to a) warm up first, b) move it differently, c) use lube. So. Yes. It eats lube like crazy but it is WORTH IT.

    • So very worth it. I only took it back out because I felt like I should review it at some point. It was then that I found the very specific ways it must be used.

  2. Oh yeah. I snatched up the Comet Wand on sale and I was super excited, but using it for the first time I almost injured myself *winces* That bulb is firm! It feels amazing though; I love the “tuggy” sensation it gives.

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