We-Vibe Touch (new version) Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

touch1One of the very first luxury toys I received was the We-Vibe Touch.  I loved just about everything about it.  Body safe silicone, decent vibrations?  What’s not to love?

And then I heard rumblings from CatylstCon East a few weeks ago that We-Vibe was there with a glorious new version.  The major improvements?  A more stable charging base and buttery soft silicone instead of glossy silicone.

A little bit about it:  The Touch is a rechargeable, external clitoral vibrator.  It charges via a wall plug (not USB plug that is so common now), is waterproof, and comes with a storage bag.  It’s elegantly simple and works amazingly well.

What I loved: The vibrations are fantastic.  They are deep and rumbly, and incredibly satisfying.  Like broad vibrations?  Use the dip on the front or rounded back.  Like pinpoint vibrations?  Use the pointed tip.  Something in between?  Use the side.  It’s got you covered.touch4

The Touch works great for both masturbation and partnered sex.  Even though we love using the Magic Wand for sex, it is pretty unwieldy and can get in the way.  The Touch, however, packs a deep punch in a much smaller package.  Although it can bump into our pubic bones if we aren’t careful, for the most part it stays in place and is unobtrusive, especially in the cowgirl position.

I need strong vibrations and the Touch really delivers.  I’m not saying it’s Magic Wand strong, as few things can compare to an item that runs on wall power.  That being said, the Touch provides quite a bit of power.  If the Magic Wand is a 5 on a vibration scale, then the Touch is easily a mid to high 4.  The depth of the Touch’s vibrations, coupled with the small size makes it perfect for both solo and partnered sex.  Oh, and waterproof!  Can we say shower fun?

Finally, it doesn’t use a USB charger.  A USB charger is not a deal breaker for me, and in fact, I have a lot of toys that charge via USB.  However, I much prefer a charger that you can plug into the wall.  For the way my house is arranged, this is much less awkward.

What I didn’t: The battery life is still slightly short for my tastes, but not so much that it bothers me a whole lot.  Be warned, though, that if you’re the type that takes 40 minutes of the strongest vibrations before you reach orgasm, you may want to hold off on reaching for the Touch until you’re nearly there.  Personally, I take about 20 minutes, and the Touch battery life is just right for one average session, with charging in between sessions.

Old Version vs. New Version: The materials on the old and new versions, though both silicone, have a different texture.  The old version is a glossy silicone, and very draggy, as is the nature of glossy silicone.  Beautiful for the body, but a lot of friction.  The new version, though, has a silky silicone that glides across the skin.  Though some water based lubricant is still recommended, the silky silicone is more comfortable than the glossy.

touch3The charger base has also changed a little bit, with the magnetic prongs on the newer version being more pronounced.  Those that have had trouble getting the chargers to stay put on the old version may like the new one, but personally, I don’t notice much of a difference.


Finally, I want to note that the motor has not changed.  The new version feels a little stronger to me, but I worried that I may be falling for the new-is-better mentality.  I contacted We-Vibe, who told me the motor is the same as before.

Final Thought:  I’m still in love with the We-Vibe Touch.  I do wish for a slightly longer battery life, but the benefits far outweigh that one downside.  At roughly $99, it’s a wonderful little vibe that packs a bit of power.

Want your own?  Pick one up at Shevibe!

~I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review.~


We-Vibe Touch (new version) Review — 11 Comments

  1. I know they say that the motor is the same, but….I didn’t love the original Touch. It suffered a LOT from “vibration dampening” during use, whereas the new one hardly does at all. Something in the design changed enough to make it seem more powerful when it’s just not as dampened.

    • That must be it. I never noticed a whole lot of dampening with the original, but it must be why the new one feels more powerful.

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  4. I am a 59 year old married woman. My husband and I cannot afford the products but have talked about trying them. I would be willing to give an honest review for your product in exchange for free merchandise.

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  7. I want to use a clitoral stimulator during vaginal sex with my partner. Would you recommend the womanizer or the we vibe touch? I really am considering the womanizer but it seems like it would be in the way. Maybe I can use it doggy style vs thrusting? If I’m laying down and he’s thrusting would it get in the way?

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