We-Vibe Tango Review (New Version)

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

Ah, We-Vibe.  They continue to greatly impress me.  I loved the tangoWe-Vibe 4, the Salsa, and both the old and new versions of the Touch.  Even though the Salsa is no longer manufactured, We-Vibe still makes the Tango, Salsa’s very near cousin, and they were kind enough to send me an updated version of the Tango for review.

A little bit about it: The Tango is a small, external clitoral vibe.  Unlike most of We-Vibe’s products, this one is made of plastic, not silicone.  It’s waterproof, quiet, rechargeable, incredibly strong, multi speed and multi pattern, and charges via a magnetic charging base that plugs into a USB drive.

What I loved: First off, I love the color.  The Tango comes in a choice of pink or blue (instead of just pink), and though I’d love to see more color options, I’ll gladly take blue over pink any day.

The size of the Tango is pretty much perfect.  It’s slightly larger than the last version, with a bit more angled of a head.  It’s still small enough to slip easily between labia, but not so small that it’s difficult to control or hold onto.  It’s small size also makes it ideal both as a masturbation toy and couple’s sex toy, since it can fit easily between two people.

tango2The vibrations are simply stunning.  It’s one of the strongest clitoral vibrators I’ve ever tried, and I do need strong vibrations.  This one is a high 4 out of 5, easily.  Also, it’s small size makes it so it can be used externally while using another toy internally, without either of them getting in each other’s way.

Need another reason to love it?  Tangos (and Salsas, for that matter) often fit inside toys that have holes for bullet vibes.  That deserves some appreciation, amiright?  Down with old, icky, buzzy bullet vibes!

What I didn’t: USB charger.  I have rage about USB chargers.

The only other thing I didn’t like is that I have a hard time keeping it where it’s supposed to be.  You see, if I use a sex toy during actual intercourse, I like it to be a vibrator that’s pretty much hands-free.  The Touch, for example, stays put, no problem.  The Tango, though, being more rounded sort of rolls off my clitoris and have to put it back.  Part of the problem is that I’ve lost weight recently and my bits aren’t as puffy as they used to be, and so I’m still getting used to the new toy placements I have to use.   I should point out that this won’t be a problem for everyone, as we are all shaped differently, but it can be a problem for some people if you are looking for exclusively hands-free toys.

The Tango, like We-Vibe’s other clitoral toys, only lasts for about 30 minutes on high before it starts to lose power.  Bear that in mind if you take longer to reach orgasm.

Final thought: The Tango retails for about $80, and in my opinion is totally worth it.  It doubles as a masturbation toy and a couple’s toy, and has strong, rumbly vibrations, AND fits in many holes in larger toys originally designed for bullet vibes, so you can replace those cheap buzzy vibes with good ones. [Note: I said it fits in many, not all holes designed for bullet vibes.  I can’t guarantee all, but it fits in all the ones that I personally own.]

Want your own?  Hop on over and check out the Tango and their other vibes!

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~


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  1. This may have been said before, but pretty much anything that charges via USB can be charged with a generic phone wall charger (the kind that includes a USB slot, which you can then connect your cable to). You can also buy the wall-to-USB chargers pretty much anywhere, including most drug stores. I’m actually pretty happy that so many sex toys are moving to USB charging, since it means that I only have to carry one wall-charger/cable for my phone, bluetooth devices, and sex toys. It’s a big improvement over a few years back, when everything had its own required charger and cable.

    Love your blog! Please keep writing!

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