Coming back from being MIA

(Mild trigger warning: I briefly discuss medical issues)

The last few weeks have been hard.  This whole spring has been hard.  We had several rounds of respiratory viruses that knocked us into bed for a week or more at a time, and none of which were the flu.  Then came the secondary, unrelated infections.  Our youngest child developed an ear infection that actually caused his ear to leak.  WHO KNEW THAT WAS EVEN A THING?  And then came the stomach flu.  And as we’re just getting out of the woods with that, it looks like I’ll be taking my youngest back into the doctor for the third (fourth?) time in a few weeks for something completely new.  WTF, spring?


So, I haven’t gone.  I haven’t forgotten the blog or my fabulous readers, or Twitter, or Facebook.  Just… I mean… see the paragraph above.  It has been crap over here.

So, in the next week I’m getting back to blogging and reviewing.  I’ve got some really exciting things coming up.

You want some reviews?  The NobEssence Long Fling, Silvarus Double Drop, Njoy Fun Wand, and Tantus Slow Drive, Vamp, and Cush O2, and the Shiri Zinn Cupcake vibe are all coming up.

Want something even better?  I’m putting together a tutorial on how to make a waterproof sex blanket for female-bodied people that ejaculate or, like me, tend to spill lubricant.  Look for that in the next week.


Coming back from being MIA — 2 Comments

  1. Heeeeey! I did miss you even though we’ve been in touch. Also, your sex blanket is so not just for female-bodied folk! What about those that enjoy prostate milking? I look forward to seeing it!!

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