NobEssence Long Fling Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~fling1

I’ve made no secret that my first experience with a wooden toy was not awesome.  It was sad, considering just how excited I was to try a wooden toy.  Since properly sealed wood is considered a safe material, I wanted to be able to recommend it to my readers.

Horribly dejected and wondering if wood items were something that I could trust and tell readers about, I basically cried to NobEssence.  OK, I didn’t so much as cry as explain to them the situation and my trepidation about wood.  They are, after all, considered to be the alphas of safe wooden toy production.  They listened to the issue, and then kindly offered me an item of my choice.  I chose the Fling, in it’s Long version.

A little bit about it:  The NobEssence Long Fling is a wooden G-spot dildo.  It has finger holes on the end, a long curved shaft, and a bulbous head for G-spotting.  It’s waterproof, about 8.5 inches long with a 5 1/4″ around head, and comes in many different wood choices.  This one is Wenge wood.fling2

What I loved: Let’s start with the superficial stuff.  The Long Fling is gorgeous.  The grain just pops and the wood has such an amazing warm look to it.  The wood is so dark that it’s difficult to photograph the detail, but trust me.  It’s beautiful.

Moving on, let’s talk about the finger holes at the end of the toy.  Finger.  Holes.  I wondered if they would feel awkward, since I’m used to holding toys by a wide base or shaft, but the finger holes were ergonomic magic, I tell you!  The Long Fling is so light that even without the finger holes, I could use it for quite some time without getting tired, but with the holes it’s comfortable to use it for extended periods, even standing up!  (Yes, I tried it standing up.  For science.)

The head is just the perfect size for me.  Not so big that it feels like a challenge, but not so small that I barely feel it.  The head was ultra smooth going in and only needed just a small amount of lubricant for it to be ultra slick and pleasurable.

I chose the long version of the Fling because I know my G-spot is a little on the deeper side.  I’ve had some toys that were made to be shorter so that they just hit the G-spot, but on me, they would go all the way in and just barely hit my G-spot, with nothing left of the shaft to grip to move it in a good way.  The Long Fling, however, is just long enough to hit my G-spot and allow thrusting and rocking motions, depending on my mood.  This allows me to place it in the exact place with the exact movements I need for vaginal orgasms, and combined with the gentle curve of the shaft and wonderful rounded head, I’m ready to call this one of the best G-spot toys in existence.  I even like it just as much (maybe even a little more) than my Pure Wand.  If you own a Pure Wand, you know that’s extremely high praise for any G-spot toy.

What I didn’t:  Um… Nope.  I have nothing to say here.

Final thought: NobEssence has restored my faith in wooden toys.  The Long Fling is an amazing piece of art that lives up to it’s hype.  It will run you about $160, but with proper care will last a long, long time.  It’s completely worth the asking price.

Want your own? Pick it up here, or check out NobEssence’s other sculptures.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~


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  1. Wow. All of the reviews of the Fling/Long Fling are simply glowing! I may need this more than the Seduction. Oh dear. So many G-spot toys, so little time 🙂

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