Njoy Fun Wand Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~funwand

I’ve loved, or at least been in serious like, with everything I’ve ever tried from Njoy.  They have amazing, quality steel pieces that you just fall in love with.  When Burlesque Toy Shop offered me a Fun Wand to review, how could I say no?

A little bit about it: The Fun Wand is a stainless steel double ended dildo, about 8 inches long.  On one end is a tear drop shaped head, roughly 3 1/4 inches around, with a curved shaft for G-spot stimulation.  On the other end are 3 tear drop heads in a row, each one progressively larger, meant to be used in the same way as anal beads.

What I loved: I love the ease of stainless steel.  It’s so smooth, requires very little lubrication, is easy to clean and care for.  Plus, Njoy toys come in a big black case lined with satin.  Very, very pretty and great to have a fantastic storage box instead of disposable packaging.

Now let’s talk about the toy itself.  The anal beads are fantastic.  I’ve tried anal toys before, but never in bead form.  They just didn’t particularly appeal to me.  But on the Fun Wand, they are fascinating.  They aren’t too big, or too small, and the progressive size is just wonderful.  They are just right to be stimulating, without becoming a distracting challenge.  However, I’d throw out the caution that since these aren’t flexible like typical anal beads, new users should be careful and remember that steel has no give.  Follow normal anal play precautions.

What I didn’t: I didn’t like the G-spot end, which really disappointed me.  That was the end I’d thought I’d get the most use out of, but it really let me down for a few reasons.

First, I thought the nice S curve of the shaft would help make thrusting easier and more comfortable.  It didn’t.  It basically made it a shorter toy.  If the vaginal end of the toy had been longer, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but as it is, it makes the toy a little difficult to control, but not so much that I’d call it a bad toy.  More of a minor annoyance.

The main issue is the G-spot end is simply too dang small.  The head is only about 3 1/4 inches around, which at this moment is one of the smallest toys I own.  Other toys that are that small have gone to the bottom of my toy box because they simply aren’t big enough.  I can barely feel this toy.

With the head being so small, it’s incredibly hard to hit my G-spot in any meaningful way.  Plus, the end is slightly pointed instead of being completely rounded, so even when I do hit my G-spot, it’s not really comfortable, and certainly not pleasurable.


Pure Wand and Fun Wand

Final thought: I liked the anal end of this toy, but not the vaginal end.  That being said, I’m hesitant to call the Fun Wand bad G-spot toy.  But if you are like me and like larger toys with rounded ends, you’ll want to skip this one.

However, I have met some people that this toy would be perfect for!  If you have a shallow G-spot and a tighter vagina, you’ll likely love this toy.  It would be an excellent size and shape for you.  For those with deeper G-spots and larger vaginas (like me) I’d go with the Pure Wand and a Pure Plug.

Thank you, Burlesque Toy Shop!

 ~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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