And Then I Got a Piercing Part 5

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Once upon a time (in October, in case you are wondering), we had the brilliant stupid mildly questionable idea to have my nipples pierced.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, and as soon as I felt the pain, the piercing was done.  And the looked nice.  Sexy.  Pretty.  But the piercings came with a pretty high physical price tag: lots of aftercare and alternating between intense pain and annoying soreness for 2 months after the piercings.  By 3 months after, I finally felt OK.  Not bad for a piercing that can take a year or more to heal, I thought.

As time went on, things seemed OK, aside from the occasional embarrassing mishap.  They weren’t sore any more and I was able to change the piercings (even though the mere act of changing the piercings made them sore for a week).  I had to admit that they were pretty, sparkly and sexy, but I always felt a little sad at the same time.  Most of the types of nipple play I liked were completely out of the question, since playing with my nipples, even a little bit roughly, even a little, made me sore for days after.

And then there were the general problems.  The piercings sometimes got caught when I was toweling off after a shower or getting dressed.  Occasionally Husband would roll over in bed and pin one of the piercings, making me howl in pain.  Even though in my day-to-day life I had no problems, on the occasions I did, there was lots of pain.

A friend and his wife were asking me about my piercings and how hard they are to get done, aftercare, etc, etc.  I described the sensations, along with some of the problems I had.  I didn’t think I was speaking negatively about them, but my guy friend frowned.  “It sounds like you don’t like them very much.”

No.  Nononono.  Of course I like them.  Right?  Riiiiight?  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized he was right.  I was not in love with them.  They looked pretty, but they made me uncomfortable.  Worse, they made sexy nipple play pretty much a thing of the past.

A few days ago I rolled over in bed and found Husband awake.  I asked him what he thought about my nipple piercings, since he had once loved them so very much.

“I don’t know that I like them any more,” he said.  “I miss playing with your nipples without worrying about hurting them.  What do you think?”

“I like the way they look, but they’re always in the way.  All the time.  I’m tired of getting them hurt.  But once they’re out, they’re out.  The holes close up immediately, and they can’t be put back.”

“You can always get them repierced later if you want,” he said.

And so, they came out.  And I am so glad they did.  I really didn’t realize how much I hated them until they were gone and I was no longer snagging them in the shower or worried about Husband rolling on top of them in bed.

Will I get them redone later?  Honestly, probably not.  The healing process was long and gruelling (although a friend of mine who got her nipples pierced told me that she felt perfectly fine after a few days, compared to my few months).  I missed having my nipples played with in bed without worrying about getting hurt.  I missed not having to constantly worry about infection.  I’m not sorry I got nipple piercings, but I am done with the damn things.


And Then I Got a Piercing Part 5 — 5 Comments

    • You remember how much I whined to you about them. They’re just not for me. But I’m super excited that you love yours!

  1. I had mine pierced for 3 yrs, only issue was the pinning in bed. Care was kinda fun, warm water in little cups and giggle around like pasties you have to hold on to for a few. After the healing process is over you can go back to rough titty play, pulling, biting, just not trying to twist them off, but you get to exchange a few things for that loss, for example electrodes clipped on to add heat and electric shocks.
    Wish I still had mine, thinking if I ever do get them again going for the +
    thought I wanted loops, but barbells are best in healing time,being out of the way, looks, and options
    Made the mistake of removing them to breastfeed, knew I didn’t have to, but dinky was spitting up a lot and though it was from not being able to form a proper seal. Nope, she was just a spitter. By the time I figured it out, they were closed

    • Yes, but after 8 months, I STILL couldn’t do any play further than light touch. One of them was still occasionally in as much pain as when it was first done. Some people heal very well and quickly. I’m not one of them.

  2. Btw, I also have a vch that I love, wanted the triangle but was not suited, piercer users 12 to 14g, anything else would not be worth it. He said it was up to me, but he didn’t recommend it, so vch it was. If you get one tell them to go deep. I’ve seen pictures of it but being done that way and yuck, don’t know how it’s any fun, and can’t see how it’s anymore then just a shiny down there.
    One more very important tip, wear underwear after. I thought, they would rub and irritate, oh no, so nice…. lol

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