Love is Art Kit Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

We made a sex painting!  And it is gloriousLove is Art sells kits containing paint, canvas, tarp, booties (for post-painting walk to the shower), and body scrubbie.  Basically everything you need to make your very own intimate painting (with the exception of the stretchers you’d need to hang it.  You’re on your own for that, but they do include printed instructions in the kit and a video tutorial on their site, and offer a separate stretcher bar kit you can buy).

A little bit about it: The idea of the Love is Art kit is pretty simple.  You lay down the included large tarp, place the canvas on top of it, place drops of paint on your canvas, and then go to town on the paint.  Make love.  Cuddle.  Fingerpaint like you’re in kindergarten again.  Whatever strikes your fancy.  Afterwards, put on the booties and use the scrubbie to shower off.  Allow the paint to dry, then do the canvas stretching.  Hang it up, enjoy the view, and watch your guests try to figure out what they are looking at and why you bought this particular painting (or maybe that last part is just me).


Tarp and canvas laid out

Our painting night:  The only space we had in the house that is big enough for this project is the middle of our living room on the terrazzo floor.  Do you know what terrazzo is?  It’s concrete with embedded marble chips, aka, a really, really hard floor.  This is not something we thought about as we were setting up.  We placed the canvas down, and as per the tips in the instructions, we put the bottles of paint in a bowl of warm water to warm the paint.

Our custom kit included black, silver, and blue paint, and we had a few minutes of fun dribbling the paint all over the canvas.  Then it was time to actually make the painting.  We were shocked to find that by the time we were finished dribbling the paint, it had become ice cold, and we got quite a shock when we actually got onto the paint.  But, like jumping into a cold pool, the shock was over quickly.

Pre-fun paint dribbles.  This is getting it ready for the actual painting.

Pre-fun paint dribbles. This is getting it ready for the actual painting.

We tried some of our favorite positions, but we honestly spent way more time giggling than in orgasmic bliss.  The floor was too hard to do anything comfortable (in hindsight, we should have put a fleece blanket under the tarp).  And, I mean, come on.  We’re covered in paint and watching our bodies make designs on the canvas.  There’s a boob!  Look, I accidentally made a footprint!  Is that your butt cheek?  It’s funny.

When we were done, we put on the included booties and hustled it to the shower.  The paint took a little work to get off with the scrubbie, but not so much that we really thought it was an issue.  However, when we got out of the shower, I was shocked to look behind me and see big blue footprints from the living room to bathroom.  The booties were too thin!  The paint leaked right through!  I hustled to get the paint cleaned off the floor before it set.  It came up easily, but it killed the mood a little bit to have to hurry to get it cleaned up.

We laid the painting out to dry.  Husband loves the way it turned out, but I mentioned that it came out a little too dark for my tastes.  That’s my fault, as I picked the colors and put too much black down on the canvas.  We are considering adding other colors to it before we stretch it to brighten it up.



What we loved:  The Love is Art kits allow couples (or singles) to get really fun and creative with their self expression and love life, creating a piece of art that is uniquely them.  And because the resulting paintings don’t look overtly sexual (unless you are trying to make them so), the painting can be hung anywhere.

I love that the canvas is so large, and the creators thought enough to add touches like booties and a body scrubber for after.  It would seem they don’t want you to just make a painting.  They want you to make an experience.

What I didn’t:  The major thing is the booties.  I hate that having paint leak through the booties killed the mood.  I went from happy-giggly-sex-is-great to holy-crap-I-hope-this-doesn’t-stain-the-floor.  I don’t know if thicker booties would be an viable option for the company, but that would be awesome.

Final thought: Kits sell for roughly between $60-80.  As long as you are handy enough to do the canvas stretching yourself (or have a friend or shop nearby that can do it for you), it’s most certainly worth the asking price.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~


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  1. I LOVE the Love is Art kit so much! I have one in my living room and I’m considering a different color for my bedroom. I didn’t have the paint on my feet/ leaking through the booties problem, but I got the one that only came with the black paint so there was only one bottle of paint and thus I think less pain in general. In any event, you’re painting is gorgeous!

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