Follow-Up Friday: Pleasure Purse

~I originally received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~Pleasure Purse

Once upon a time, I was looking for decent toy storage away from prying eyes.  Most toy storage I found was lowish quality, ridiculously priced, and most horrible for sex bloggers such as myself, were far, far, far too small.

When I received the Pleasure Purse and started snapping pictures for Twitter and such, I received a flood of messages that basically said the same thing: “Is it big enough?  It looks big.  How much does it hold?”  And if you remember from the original post, it held a whopping 33 items.  More than impressive.

Pleasure PurseHow I felt about it then: I was thrilled with the size of the Pleasure Purse, and loved the plain black leather outside that in no way screamed, “I’m a sex bag!”  I gleefully filled it and emptied it and filled it just to see exactly how much it could hold, how heavy it would be before I could barely lift it.  I loved being able to just put it down and leave it there without having to throw it under the bed or hide it in the bottom of the closet.  And it’s the perfect size for overnight trips!  How awesome is that?

How I feel about it now: Obviously, the size hasn’t changed.  I haven’t shrunk it or anything (shrunk dresses that I hadn’t even worn yet?  Yes.  Shrunk pieces of luggage?  No…yet).  I currently use the Pleasure Purse to hold my rather large menagerie of Tantus toys, and with tons of room to spare.

What I wanted to talk about is the quality of the Pleasure Purse.  I’ve had other reviewers warn me that they had other toy storage chests and bags from other companies that seemed very solid at first, but fell apart within a few weeks.  I’m happy to say that this is not the case.  I’m downright abusive to this bag.  I lug it on overnight trips, let others borrow it, shove it under the bed when it’s in the way.  It’s been stepped on, tripped over, kicked across the ancient terrazzo floor.  There is not a mark on it.  No stitching coming undone, no scuffs, no rips.  It looks the exact same as when I received it 7 months ago.  This is one solid bag.

Revised final thought: I’m still in Love with the Pleasure Purse, and still recommend it to others for those needing larger toy storage solutions.  At $120, it’s most certainly worth it.

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