Tantus Thwak Paddle

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~Tantus Thwak paddle

Husband and I are fairly new to any sort of impact play.  I’ve often said we’re try anything once (or twice, or three times…) kind of people when it comes to sex, and impact play is no exception.  We’ve tried many items with me as the receiver.  Using his hand on me ends up hurting him.  Belts and strops are hard for him to control and the tips often end up wrapping around my hip and ow, and not the fun kind of ow.  We tried cane, and although it’s fun, it’s also just a bit too intense for my preference.

I’d seen different kinds of paddles running around, but they weren’t our thing.  Some were just corny, while the sight of some made me feel kind of icky, such as paddles that leave the words “bitch” or “slut” imprinted on the skin.  It’s awesome if you like that (hey, no judgment), but they are words that are kind of triggering for me, and I’m not even sure why.  I’ve actually stopped in the middle of sex when Husband playfully called me a bitch.  Yeah…no.  Pick another word.  Any other word.

But, as usual, I digress.

I noticed that Tantus started manufacturing black silicone paddles.  Elegant, simple, easy.  No hot pink fur.  No sparkles.  Uncomplicated, luxurious silicone.  If there was ever a paddle we thought would be worth our time, it would be a Tantus one.  In this case, specifically the Thwak Paddle.

A little bit about it: The Thwak paddle is made of a velvety flexible silicone.  It’s compact, being only just under 12″ long from end to end (6.5″ if you don’t include the handle), with the impact part of the paddle being a little under 3.5″ across.  The handle is relatively stiff, while the rest is highly flexible.

What he loved as the giver: The paddle’s flexibility makes it so it can be wielded very effectively in a very small space, unlike a standard solid paddle.  You don’t need room to wind up if you want a more intense sensation, and because no really big wind up is necessary, it’s easy on the arms and the wrist.  The compact size also makes it very easy to aim with much greater accuracy.

What I loved as the receiver: The Thwak is my new favorite impact toy.  There is something about the sensation that I absolutely love.  It’s not super stingy like a cane, but not purely thuddy like a cupped hand.  It’s a perfect blend of the two.  It delivers both a mild sting and a deep thud, and since it is so very easy for him to control the intensity of the swing, he can also easily control the intensity of the sensation.

What we didn’t: There wasn’t really anything we didn’t like.

Final thought: The Thwak Paddle sells for just over $47, and worth every little bit.  Easy to aim, easy to control the intensity, ergonomic enough the operator doesn’t tire easily, and provides that amazing sensation combination.  The Thwak is pretty much perfect.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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