~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~lelo siri

I have such a love of clitoral vibes.  I’ve always found them more useful than vaginal vibes for their compact size, making them perfect for either solo or partner play.  The newest love in my collection is the LELO SIRI.

A little bit about it: The SIRI is a multi-speed, multi-pattern, palm-sized rechargeable external/clitoral vibrator, measuring just over 4 inches long.  It’s made from a combination of plastic and buttery silicone, with the silicone being the portion that comes in contact with your bits.  Although it is splash-proof, it is not waterproof.  It’s operated with a simple four button interface that can be locked for travel.  Have I mentioned lately how much I like travel locks?  Love them.

What I loved: Of course I love the size, and I love the silicone, and I love that it’s rechargeable.  Those things are pretty standard for a high-end vibrator.  However, there are some lovely things that make the SIRI stand out a little bit.

Let’s start with the power.  Of course you will generally not get Magic Wand strength from a rechargeable toy (although LELO’s Mona 2 came pretty close), but the best compact vibes still need to be equipped with decent motors.  The SIRI is no exception.  If a Magic Wand is a 5 in vibration strength, the SIRI is a solid low to mid 4.  That number is right where I like it to be.  It’s not holy-crap-get-it-off-I’m-going-numb strong, but it does still have some impressive strength.  The vibrations are strong and rumbly, penetrating deeply, without a hint of the buzziness that is so common with cheaper vibrators.  To be perfectly clear, I am a bit of a power queen.  My clitoris is very picky and I do need strong vibrations in order to orgasm (one of the reasons I got into toys in the first place).  The SIRI does not disappoint.

The SIRI’s silicone surface has a convex shape to it, forming what could almost be called a ridge.  I was worried that, since it felt so obvious to my fingers, it may end up hurting my clitoris or turn away form the right spots.  Instead, it sits nicely and makes perfect contact, providing sensations that are somewhere between broad and pinpoint stimulation. When I tried using it with Husband in the cowgirl position, I was pleasantly surprised both with how well it stayed in place without my hands holding it, and how fast I came from a combination of the vibrations and the rubbing of the ridge.

lelo siriWhat I didn’t: The main issue I had is the fact that it’s not waterproof.  These days, almost all high-end toys are waterproof, and I expected SIRI to be.  It’s not.  It is splashproof, so you can clean it, but you have to be very careful.

Final thought: The cost of the SIRI is $99, and totally worth it.  It comes with a 1-year warranty, so if something happens, you can replace it.  Since it can be used both as a couple’s toy and a solo toy, stays in place well, and is strong, it will be one that I keep very handy in my toy box.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~


LELO SIRI Review — 2 Comments

    • I don’t have a Mia 2, but I’m currently recharging both my Touch, Tango, and SIRI so I can do a hand to hand comparison. But I *think* the SIRI is just slightly, and I mean slightly, weaker than the Touch.

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