Traz Rhino Penis Extension

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

“A company is sending me a set of penis extenders to review,” I said to Husband in the car, as casually as if I was telling him we are out of eggs.

He chuckled.  “You keep experimenting on me.”

“For science!” I said.

We both felt that penis extenders weren’t exactly going to be our thing.  A penis extender sounds kind of cheesy and silly, but these ones weren’t some kind of jelly horror that you find in most sex toy stores.  These seemed rather unique, and certainly worth a try before we gave them a pass.  I have to say that we were actually pretty impressed!

Rhino Extensions with their sizing cores

A little bit about it: The Traz Rhino Penis Extensions are made of silicone and have 3 parts: the sleeve, the inner sizing core, and a tiny plug.  Use is fairly simple.  Place some water-based lubricant on the sizing core and slip it all the way in at the end of the extender.  After that, place a little more lube on the inside of the extension sleeve or on the penis, and slide the penis all the way until it hits the core.  The core can be trimmed if necessary.  Pop the little plug into the top, creating a seal and keeping the sleeve from slipping off.  The Rhino can also be used the same way to enhance a dildo.

The Rhino comes in three different girths: Rhino Sleek (5.5″ in circumference), Rhino Genesis (a little over 6 1/4″ in circumference), and the Rhino Stampede (6 1/2 in circumference).  Each one is 8 inches long and can be trimmed down to a smaller size if they feel too long.

What we loved: Let’s start with the fact that the Rhinos, all of them, stay on exactly how they are supposed to.  I wasn’t sure how well the plug would seal it in order to keep the Rhino from sliding off, but it worked perfectly.  Regardless of speed or depth thrusting, it stayed on Husband and never had to be readjusted.

There are ribs inside all three extensions, with the ribs of the Sleek and Genesis being close together, and the Stampede being fairly far apart.  I would think the difference in rib spacing would be a big deal, and it probably is to some, but Husband told me they all feel equally good during sex, but for a surprising reason.  I would have thought that what’s going on inside the sleeve is that the ribs are sliding up and down the penis shaft, even if only a little.  Husband corrected me by saying that the sleeve isn’t sliding along the penis, but instead, gently pulling the skin back and forth (he is circumcised, so this is surprising).  It seems like that would hurt, but he tells me that because of the suction, it won’t slide any further, and that the gentle tugging does feel quite good and is enough sensation to orgasm from.

Interior of the Rhinos

Interior of the Rhinos

“But could you take the plug out of the end so it loses suction and make it a masturbater?” I asked.  He gave it a try and reported back that yes, you most certainly can.

So to recap for him, the Rhinos are wonderful because they stay on, provide sensation on the penis during use, and can double as a masturbater.

Now on to me.  Of course, I’ve mentioned before that I like larger toys, and the Traz Rhinos, all of them, are no exception.  I wish I could say that one of them felt better to me than the others, but I can’t.  They all felt great.  That being said, those that have previous problems with girthy toys will want to read the sizes carefully before choosing.

The Rhinos each provide the same kind of sensation of the girthier toys on the market, but with the added bonus of being able to use Husband’s specific sexual rhythm, which I’ve never been able to imitate with a toy.  It’s still having sex with him, but at the same time adding some delightful variety.  The Rhinos allow him to go wider and deeper, while still providing stimulation for him.

What I didn’t: None of the Rhinos hit my G-spot.  Like, at all.  Not even kind of.  Not even close.  Don’t get me wrong, they feel good, but they aren’t exactly orgasmic for me since they don’t have enough of a curve or enough of a defined head to hit my G-spot with really any amount of pressure or force to make a difference.  Although each of the Rhinos have a head at the end of the shaft, the head isn’t nearly as defined as on a standard dildo.  It feels as though it might as well be a straight shaft.

The only other thing Husband would add is that if you are a girthier than average guy, the Rhino may be a bit too tight on you.

Final thought: Each Rhino will run you about $50-80, depending on the size.  I’m going to say the Rhinos are worth it with the following reservations: it may be uncomfortable for men with very girthy penises, and there’s not enough of a curve or head to stimulate my G-spot.  But, if you just happen to have a love of larger, body-safe toys that you can easily use as part of a couple or solo, the Rhinos are certainly worth a look.

Want one (or several) of your own?  Shevibe carries the Sleek and Genesis.  If you want a Stampede, however, you need to go the Traz Rhino site.  If you purchase from the Traz site, use the code HAY for 10% off!


Traz Rhino Penis Extension — 15 Comments

  1. I’m glad you that you reviewed these. My husband suffers from medical induced ED and I was considering these for us. Do you know if these would work for ED Patients?

    • Good question! I asked Husband last night if he thought these would stay on if you lost your erection, and he told me that no, probably not. I would suggest going with a silicone strap-on instead.

  2. Hi. Just curious what the dimensions of the sizing cores are, both the length and circumference. They appear to be using the same core for all three extensions, is that the case? Thanks for the helpul review!

  3. hi,
    i have a question regarding rhino sleek….my measurements is 3 inches in circumference(flaccid) and 3.7 to 3.9 circumference when erected…can i fit inside of the sleek…what if i will lost my erection during sex

    • The interior circumference is roughly 3.9, but Husband is larger than that and it fits him fine. There is some stretch to the silicone.

      As for losing your erection, that’s complicated. The plug does make the Rhino have a vacuum seal. Husband doesn’t think it would stay on (we haven’t experimented with this yet), BUT, Traz reports that they’ve had success with those suffering from ED and it doesn’t come off with them.

  4. and i have one more question…can it improve timing as well…i mean i usually come within a minute of penetration but with wearing this can i hope for some timing improvement or not.If yes how much u think i can improve?….is there any other penis sleeve u can suggest me…i need to improve both length and width…plus i need something that can remain hard for penetration as well?

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  6. Hi I brought the rhino traz and I can’t get it to stay on is this because I might be to small in girth my length is 6 inch not sure about girth but it just smaller the the rhino

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