LELO LUNA Smart Bead Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~Lelo Smart Bead review

I love testing Kegel exercisers.  After spending several weeks working on the Kegel Project, and then revisiting it periodically, I’ve learned how incredibly important, not to mention easy, it is to work on the Kegel muscles.  When a company comes out with a new Kegel ball, bead, or exerciser, my ears perk up.

I was so excited to try the LUNA Smart Bead, but I ended up having mixed feelings about it.  Like most brand new toys, it has good and not so good points.

A little bit about it: The Smart Bead is a silicone interactive Kegel exerciser that runs on one AAA battery.  It’s small, being only about 3.25″ long, plus a retrieval chord, and is supposedly waterproof when the battery compartment is closed.

Use is simple.  Turn on the Smart Bead and insert it vaginally, using a little water based lube if necessary.  Three quick pulses will alert you that the workout is about to be begin.  After that, every time it vibrates, the user squeezes their Kegel muscles for as long as the vibration continues, then rests until it vibrates again.  The workout is complete when it vibrates in quick succession three more times.  The next time you turn it on, the light will blink between 1 and 5 times, showing you your progress (1 if you are fairly weak, 5 if you are pretty strong, and anywhere in between).

If you press and hold the Smart Bead’s power button, it will turn on the vibration and it can then be used as a vibrator.

What I loved: The Smart Bead is different.  It really is.  Most Kegel beads work sort of passively, as in you squeeze your muscles fairly consistently to keep the beads in place as you move around.  The Smart Bead is meant to be used while you are holding still, and it tells you when to squeeze instead.  This is good for people that feel they need more guidance in their routine.

My favorite thing about the LELO Smart Bead is that it measures improvement in Kegel strength.  The sensors track how hard you are squeezing and adjusts for the next workout.  It even remembers how your routine is going when you change batteries.

Will it work?  Yes.  The Smart Bead does, in fact, cause the user to work their Kegel muscles in a beneficial way, alerting the user when to squeeze and for how long.

smartbead2What I didn’t: There’s a couple of things I want to address here.  The first is the waterproofness.  When the Smart Bead is closed, it’s supposed to be water proof, but after washing and opening it, I find there’s a little bit of suds between the top and bottom sections, but none have gotten into the battery compartment where it would cause damage.

I tried to use the Smart Beads as a vibrator, but no.  Seriously, no.  The vibrations are on the weaker side, maybe a low 3 on a scale of 5, and are too buzzy for me to really find them any kind of pleasurable.

Final thought: I have mixed feelings over the LELO Smart Bead.  It’s not particularly terrible, but it’s certainly not earth shattering.  It sells for $109, and for what it is I’m not totally convinced it’s worth the asking price.  In order for me to think it’s worth the price, I would have to say I’d want to see in a rechargeable version with a stronger motor.  It’s a good try.  It really is.  But I’m thinking it really needs a little tweak here and there before I can fully endorse it.  It’s just not quite there yet.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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