Tantus Neo Plug Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~neo1
I’ve never reviewed a butt toy before.  Not because I don’t like them.  Not because I don’t own some.  Not because I don’t occasionally use them.  I merely hadn’t reviewed any because it was one of the last private things I had left over from my pre-blog days when my sex life was uber-super-secret-shhh.

I’m over it.

So, I present to you my very first butt plug review.  Feel free to imagine a trumpet fanfare, if you’d like.  I am.  And coincidentally, this plug kind of deserves a fanfare.  It’s pretty fabulous.

A little bit about it: The Neo Plug is a flared base anal toy made of silky (not glossy) silicone and comes in purple and black.  It’s small enough for a beginner, but experienced users won’t find it too small.  It is 4.5″ in circumference at it’s widest point, and the neck is a mere 2.5″ in circumference (by my measurements).  Instead of having a standard flat circular or ring shaped base, the Neo’s base is thin and long, designed to fit more comfortably.

What I loved: I’m a huge fan of the material.  It seems (to me, at least) that more and more companies are shifting from the shiny, glossy silicone to incorporate more of the silky silicone.  The difference is the silky silicone is less draggy, picks up less lint and dust, and requires less lubricant (you’d want to use a water based lube in this case, as it is generally thought that silicone lube on silicone toys may cause damage to the toy).

I really like the size of the Neo.  It’s not so big that it would scare beginners, but it’s not so tiny that you can’t feel it.  The medium size, combined with silky silicone and lots of lube and patience (and I do mean lube and patience, beginners!), provides a comfortable and pleasurable experience.  And, if you use the plug anally while having vaginal sex, in my experience it enhances the sensations of sex without being distracting.  More like complimentary.

Finally, let’s talk about the unique base, which more than anything else helps this toy stand out among others.  I wasn’t sure I was going to like it.  It doesn’t have a ring like the Njoy Pure Plug, nor a round base like Tantus’s own B-Bomb, or even a flat base like the Ace, but instead has a curved, thin base, like two little arms.  This is supposed to allow it to fit better, and I was skeptical that it would.  Plugs are fun and all, but there is a reason I only use them on occasion: they can get uncomfortable pretty fast, especially at the base.  This base though, is much more comfortable than the standard round or flat bases, and just as comfortable as a ring shaped base.  I was very surprised by just how comfortable.  I even walked around with it for a little bit (stop laughing.  It was for science) with no problem.

neo2What I didn’t: If you don’t have the plug placed just right, the arms on the base may poke a little.  It’s nothing a small adjustment can’t fix.

Final thought: The Neo sells for just under $40, which for a high-quality silicone toys is a very reasonable asking price, and worth it.  With proper care, it will last a very, very long time.

tantusneopost~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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