Private Gym Review Part 1

privategymKegel exercises are good for men, too.  Yet somehow when I say that, I get tuned out.  Penis people working pelvic floor muscles?  Isn’t that only for vagina owners?  No.  Not really.  Everyone can benefit from working the pelvic floor muscles.  And although there are may different types of products to help women work their pelvic muscles, there aren’t too many for men/penis-havers.  Enter the Private Gym.

The Private Gym package contains both weights and routines, and works fairly simply.  For the first four weeks, the user follows the routines laid out in the accompanying book, with no equipment.  This is what Private Gym refers to as “Basic Training.”  Each week gets a little more difficult.

After the first 4 weeks of Basic Training is over, it’s time to try the 4 weeks of Resistance Training.  For this segment, the Private Gym comes with 2 pieces of equipment.  One piece has two flexible arms that form a ring that curls around the erect penis shaft, and has an attached weight.  The second piece is an additional weight that attaches via magnets to the first for a more intense workout.

What this means is that to write a complete review would take a minimum of 8 weeks.  Instead, Husband and I have talked about it and elected to write up the review in segments.  The first segment being how the Basic Training is going, and later, how the Resistance Training is working.

Husband is currently a few weeks into the Basic Training.  When he first started, he felt his muscles were weak, but after a few days, he noticed he was able to contract his muscles harder and for longer.  Now a few weeks in, he’s showing much more improvement.  The exercises don’t seem as tiring.  And, there seems to be an unexpected side effect so far: he ejaculates with more force than before.  Fascinating.  As to strength of erection and intensity of orgasm, he suspects it’s getting stronger, but the difference isn’t completely obvious, so he’s waiting a bit longer before he makes a definite call on that.

As of right now, the Basic Training seems to be doing…something.  At the very least, his muscles are getting stronger and the exercises aren’t as hard.  That alone is worth it.

In the next update, I’ll do my typical What We Liked and What We Didn’t segments.  For the moment, I’ll close with this.  The routine that the Personal Gym lays out is definitely working his muscles and making them stronger, and we’re excited to see how that will carry over into our sex lives.


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