Tango Pleasure Mate Collection Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~We-Vibe Pleasure Mate review

Tango users everywhere, rejoice!  No, seriously.  If you haven’t already heard, the We-Vibe Tango is one of the most celebrated vibrators on the market for it’s power and design.  In fact, one of the most common questions I see when it comes to toys that have a hole for a bullet vibe is, “Will my Tango fit there?”  Well, evidently We-Vibe has been paying attention, and came out with a set of toys specifically designed to work with the Tango.

A little bit about it: The Tango Pleasure Mate Collection comes with three toys: the Tango vibrator, a G-spot dildo, and a butt plug.  The dildo has a hole in the base that Tango fits in, transforming the dildo into a vibrator.  The plug has a slot in the base that is open at each end that the Tango slides into, turning it into a vibrating toy as well.  The Tango can be used as a stand alone vibrator, and dildo and plug can be used with or without the the Tango.

What I loved:

Tango: I’ve loved the Tango vibe for a long time.  It’s waterproof, quiet, strong, and rechargeable.  The size is perfect both for masturbation and couple’s play, as it fits easily between partners.  I was worried that when paired with the toys the silicone may dampen the vibrations too much.  Nope!  The vibrations carried very well into the dildo and plug.

G-spot dildo: I have mixed feelings about the dildo, but overall I liked it.  It was very, very easy for me to have a G-spot orgasm with it, and the shape was just right for hitting everything correctly.  The neck is stiff, allowing me to hit my G-spot with the force I need for it to work effectively.  The flat shape of the head provided a fantastic broad sensation against my G-spot, and it being broad, made my G-spot much easier to find.  When paired with the Tango vibrator, it’s even better.

I’ve never had much luck with G-spot vibrators.  The vibrations just never seemed to affect me, and I thought maybe my G-spot just doesn’t respond to vibrations.  After I tried the Mona 2, I was surprised to find that I did respond to vibrations, but only deep, strong, rumbley ones that I could direct in a very specific manner.  With the G-spot toy that comes with the Pleasure Mate Collection, I get the same deep, rumbling vibrations I need for my spot to respond.  I tried it as a clitoral toy as well, placing the head of the toy against my clitoris.  Wow.  The broad, flat surface of the toy paired with the vibrations is amazing.

Plug: The plug is a really great size, particularly for beginners.  Those that like larger anal toys probably won’t care for it, but since I like small to medium plugs, I thought this one was great.  The size, angle, and shape are incredibly comfortable, and the vibrations from the Tango transfer well.

What I didn’t:

Tango: As with most We-Vibe toys, there’s a bit of a trade-off between power and battery life.  It can only run 20-30 minutes on high before it starts to lose intensity.

G-spot dildo: I have one major complaint about the dildo, and unfortunately, it is a rather big complaint.  Although I love the shape and the size of the head, the shaft is simply not long enough to control well.  My G-spot is a little further in, and there’s not much to grab on to to control it.  A longer shaft would easily fix this problem.

Plug: Not so much a complaint as a minor annoyance, but when using the plug with the Tango, I can feel the Tango hit my labia.  It’s not really a problem, but the sensation was unexpected.

Final thought: Tentatively worth it and priced at $149 for the set.  I say tentatively because I love the Tango, love the plug, and mostly love the dildo.  If the shaft was a little longer, I’d declare a hands down worth it.  So, if you are the type that likes toys with longer handles and shafts, skip the set and just get a Tango and pair it with a Tantus dildo.  For everyone else, the Pleasure Mate Collection is certainly worth a glance.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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