Intimate Melody Ava Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~Intimate Melody Ava

Sometimes I’m so very excited about a toy that has something new and interesting about it.  In the case of the Intimate Melody Ava, that interesting thing is that it is a self heating vibrator.  Push a button, and it warms up.  What a great idea!  Well, the idea is good, but the practice needs quite a bit of work.

A little bit about it: The Ava is a waterproof, rechargeable vibe that has a heating function, along with 3 speeds and 4 patterns.  Its shaft is silicone with an ABS plastic handle.

What I loved: It’s waterproof, rechargeable, quiet, and made of silicone.  That’s pretty standard for what I like, and unfortunately, that’s where my love ends.

What I didn’t: Although I love the idea of a self-warming vibrator, I had problems with the Ava as soon as I took it out of the box.  It started with the instructions, which seem like they were run through an online translator into English.  “What is the difference between using the interest massage stick and the real sex?” Huh?  “…We have collected the opinion of over a hundred women who had used the interest massager stick before.  ‘Yes! It is impossible for the man’s penis to be featured with the vibration and rotation, while the dull tool does not have the temperature of a man!'”  I read that last sentence five times before I understood it.  The rest of the instructions aren’t much better, but it does go on to say that it is “endowed with the man’s passion.”  Whatever that means.  I’ve made no secret about my distaste of toys that say something is just like skin, or just like sex, or better than sex.  Sex is sex, people are people, toys are toys.  The end.

Next, let’s talk about the heating function.  I will be honest and say that my vagina couldn’t tell when the Ava was warm or cold.  But, my lack of temperature sensitivity is not the fault of the toy.  What is the fault of the toy is how long it takes to warm up.  When I first turned it on, I thought maybe it was broken.  But as an experiment, I left it on and waited to see if it would warm up.  It did, but it took a long time.  How long, exactly?  I timed it.

1 minute: Still cold
2 minutes: Not cold, but not warm
3 minutes: Very slightly warm
4 minutes: Top of shaft is a little warmer than skin, bottom of shaft barely warm
5 minutes: Very slightly warmer than 4 minutes6.5 minutes: Warm enough to think about using
8 minutes: Top of the warmth scale. Instant read thermometer reads between 105-110F

Even though it takes forever and a day to warm up, and my vagina can’t tell the difference, my clitoris likes the warmth.  So, if the vibrations were decent, it would be a really good clitoral vibe.  Except, well, the vibrations aren’t that great.  On a scale of 1-5, with 4 being anything We-Vibe, and 5 being the Magic Wand, the Ava is maybe a mid 3.  That’s a problem, since in order for me to orgasm I need at least a 4.  Even then, I could still orgasm if the vibrations were deep.  They aren’t.  They are very surfacey and a hybrid between rumbley (which is good) and buzzy (which is not).

Finally, let’s talk about the shape.  The manual indicates that the Ava is supposed to be a good G-spot toy.  However, the shaft is straight.  In order to have really good G-spot stimulation, a toy has to have a curve of some sort, or at least a bulbous head.  I tried so hard to make it work for my G-spot.  Nope.  It’s not the right shape at all.

Intimate Melody Ava reviewFinal thought: It’s a good idea, but the Ava needs some work.  It needs to warm up faster, have a more G-spot friendly shape, and have better, stronger, deeper vibrations.  I’d love to see it redesigned as a purely clitoral vibe.  Until there are some updates, I’m going to have to say skip this one.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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