Blush Novelties Eden’s Rabbit Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~Eden's Rabbit Review

As much as I loved Blush’s My Little Heaven, unfortunately, is just how much I hated their next review item, Eden’s Rabbit.  I mean, just…just no.  I’m not a huge fan of rabbits to begin with, but one of my very first toys was a rabbit so I know they can work for me.  So, I had high hopes.  Had.

A little bit about it: Eden’s Rabbit is a silicone rabbit vibrator.  It’s rechargeable, has 3 speeds and 4 patterns, and is waterproof when the charging port is closed.

What I loved: I found really the best way for me to use this vibe is to use the shaft, not the rabbit clitoral arm, on my clitoris.  It’s at least somewhat pleasurable.

What I didn’t: There is a whole lot that I didn’t like about Eden’s Rabbit.  Let’s start simply with the color.  It’s yet another toy that only comes in a fluorescent shade of pink.  I have feelings about toys that only come in pink, but, I also recognize that’s a preference thing and the color can easily be forgiven if the toy is awesome.  It’s not.

The vibrations are lackluster and very buzzy (as opposed to rumbly).  I’m just as likely to go numb as to orgasm with this style of vibration.  In addition, although the vibe is marketed as being quiet, it’s louder than all of my other silicone toys.  It seriously sounds like a giant mosquito.  I guess it’s technically quieter than lower end toys, but it’s still more than a little annoying.

When I tried to use it as intended, this toy does nothing for me.  I can barely feel the rabbit ears or face on my clitoris.  When I tilt it to make the vaginal shaft hit my G-spot correctly, the rabbit part lifts off my clitoris altogether.  So, as intended, it’s pretty much useless for me.

Final thought: Eden’s Rabbit sells for a variety of prices up to $90+, but you can get it for just over $50 at one of my favorite shops, Shevibe.  That being said, if you like buzzier vibrations, don’t mind the noise, and have a history of being able to make friends with rabbit vibes, you could possibly make this one work for you.  For everyone else, I recommend you just get a dildo you like and a clitoral vibe you like and call it a day.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~



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