Private Gym Review Part 2

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~privategym

Some time ago, I wrote an introductory post about the Private Gym, a Kegel exercise regimen and weights for penis havers.  After a few weeks of using the exercises without the weights, Husband was ready to try using the weighs.

A little bit about it: The Private Gym is a set of two magnetic weights.  The first weight has a flexible loop that wraps around the penis.  The second is just a weight without the loop, and attaches to the first via magnets.  Place the loop around an erect penis, and flex the pelvic floor muscles, causing the penis to bob up and down.  Yes, basically weighted penis pull-ups.

What we loved: The Private Gym is so freaking simple.  I seriously can’t believe no one else came up with this idea before now.  We have all sorts of Kegel balls and exercisers for vaginas, why shouldn’t there be something for penises?

The Private Gym is very easy to use, and comfortable.  But aside from that, the fact of the matter is that the Private Gym, it seems, actually works.  After Husband started using it, his orgasms became stronger, which was expected.  What we didn’t expect was that he also ejaculated with much more force than ever before.  While he always came with a little force, this took it over the edge, and he ejaculated with so much more speed and pressure.

What we didn’t: The only potential problem we saw is that someone with a penis that points down while erect may have trouble keeping the weights in place.

Final thought: The Private Gym retails for just under $100.  I’m going to give it a hesitant worth it.  I’m hesitant because although I do like it, and it is very unique among toys for boys, there is currently nothing on the market that I’m aware of to compare it to, and I don’t know that basic Kegel exercises would not also give good results.  At the same time, $100 is an awful lot to ask for magnetic weights.  I’d feel a lot more comfortable if this was around the $50-60 mark.  However, for those that really need the guidance, and feel they need the extra resistance weights give, this is an good choice.  For a person that really feels that they need more guidance than a simple “work your kegel muscles,” Private Gym also sells their Basic Training without the weights.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~


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