Mona Wave Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

Mona wave reviewI really loved the Mona 2.  Like, love-love-lovety-loved it.  It was my absolute favorite as far as rechargeable vibes go.  Powerful, pretty, waterproof, and actually does something for my G-spot, which is a feat that few other G-spot vibes could actually claim.  And then LELO came out with a new version: the Mona Wave.  Hooray!  Only, not really.  I expected to be madly in love with the Wave just like I was with it’s older sister, Mona 2, but I can pretty much sum up my feelings on it by just saying meh.

A little bit about it: The Mona Wave is a rechargeable G-spot vibrator made of silicone and plastic.  It has several vibration and pattern settings, but in addition to that, it has one unique feature: the shaft moves up and down.  This would be the “wave” of the Mona Wave.

What I loved: Mona Wave is a good start.  I’d even call it a valiant attempt at improving something already great.  The vibrations are still pretty decent, and the motion is interesting.

What I didn’t: Unfortunately, I didn’t find Wave’s motion to be anything beyond interesting.  In practice, it didn’t do a whole lot for me.  The waving action was simply too slow, even on it’s fastest setting, for me to particularly care for.  In addition to that, trying to hold the handle so the shaft moves inside of me instead of the handle outside of me ended up being something of a workout in and of itself, which was not exactly conducive to sexy time.

The vibrations feel just a shade shy of the strength of the Mona 2, but are still pretty strong.  No big deal.  And the vibrations are still pretty quiet.  But, here’s the thing, that wave motion?  That’s not quiet.  Like, at all.  Seriously.  If you have nosy family or roommates, you can’t have this thing.  It makes a loud, mechanical whine with each motion.  It’s kind of like having a giant mosquito in the bed.

Final thought:  I really wanted to think the Mona Wave was going to be the new big thing.  I wanted to think it was going to be my new favorite toy, but it simply wasn’t.  I understand what they were going for, but in practice it just didn’t work.  If you are looking to nab a LELO toy that is guaranteed to make you happy, I’d still stick with the Mona 2, and skip the Mona Wave.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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