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~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~Share review

I confess that before this point I did not own a double ended dildo that was meant to be shared between two people.  I’ve had dildos that were double ended, like the Pure Wand, but those are made for just one person.  Enter the Share.

A little bit about it: The Fun Factory Share is a double ended dildo designed for any sex you would generally do with a strap-on.  Essentially, it’s a strapless strap-on.  The shorter end is inserted in a vagina, and the longer end is inserted into…well, I mean, wherever or whoever it’s getting inserted (anus, another vagina, mouth, etc.).

The Share also comes with a rechargeable bullet vibe that is much larger in circumference than most standard bullets.  It vibrates the whole toy, including the hump at the base of the toy that is supposed to sit on the clitoris.

What I loved: The best attribute is that the Share is mildly flexible.  When it’s inserted in me, the longer end points almost straight up along my belly, but when it’s pulled down to a more horizontal position, the bulb inside my vagina hits against my G-spot.  When we tried using it with me lying on my back and him riding me, it pulled the longer end of the toy back, which pulled the vaginal bulb against my front wall.  The end result was every time he moved, the toy moved inside me against my G-spot and caused us both to be able to orgasm.  So, that’s pretty awesome, and my absolute favorite aspect of the Share.

I like that the bullet vibe is rechargeable.  Not only that, but he reports that the vibration of the shaft makes insertion easier and more comfortable.  Having used anal toys that vibrate, I have to agree.

What I didn’t: At first I was worried something was seriously wrong with me, or more accurately, my vaginal muscles, because I had quite a bit of trouble getting the toy to stay inside me.  Trying to use it for penetrative sex?  Extremely difficult.  It kept falling out.  I talked with Ruby Ryder of Pegging Paradise, who knows waaaaay more about pegging toys than I do.  We talked about the problem with strapless strap-ons, but specifically that most strapless ones are difficult to keep in place without a harness under the best of situations, and using for pegging without using a compatible harness to keep it in place is pretty much impossible.  Apparently, when you pit a woman’s Kegel muscles against anal muscles, the anal muscles are, generally speaking, going to win.  So, unfortunately, unless we are doing oral play, I couldn’t keep it in place.  I had to use a harness with it, which is what I was trying to avoid having to do in the first place.

Moving on, let’s talk about the bullet vibe.  It’s rechargeable, which is nice, but it’s much bigger around than normal bullets, and that’s a big problem.  You see, the vibrations from the bullet are very buzzy instead of rumbly, and not even really strong enough to reach my clitoris with enough oomph to even come within the general vicinity of clitoral orgasm.  And, since the bullet hole is unusually large to accommodate the large bullet, you can’t switch it out with a better bullet.

Final thought: I’m kind of on the fence with what to think here.  On one hand, even though my Kegel muscles aren’t particularly weak, it’s very difficult to keep the Share in place.  But, when he rides me, the slight flexibility causes the interior bulb to hit my G-spot, and the vibration, although not awesome on my end, makes penetration more comfortable for him.

At nearly $130, I’m going to hesitantly say the Fun Factory Share is worth it.  The toy itself is nice and will last a long, long time, but you can’t replace the bullet.  I’d say go for it if you keep in mind that you will likely have to spring for a harness as well.

Thanks to Shevibe for letting me review the Share!

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~


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    • I haven’t really had any issue with harnesses, as long as they have a through and through opening, as opposed to an o-ring with a backing. I really like the Joque harness with it. Great fit, and it does a great job with the Share.

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