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~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~ minna life kgoal review

More Kegels!  Next up on the now ever-growing list of Kegel exercisers that aren’t just plain ole ben wa balls, we have Minna Life’s newest addition, the kGoal.  And, like Minna Life’s other products, it’s interactive and customizable in very interesting ways.

A little bit about it: The kGoal is a rechargeable, splash resistant, silicone Kegel exerciser.  Most exercisers work by inserting them into the vagina, and then using your muscles to keep the balls/exercisers in place.  The kGoal, however, relies more on an active squeezing motion to work your muscles.  It’s not made to be worn around like other balls are, but instead only to be used for a short workout period, and then removed.

The kGoal has two parts.  One is the adjustable air pillow that can be slightly inflated and deflated to fit an individual’s vagina a little better.  The other is an external arm that sits over the clitoris.

Now, as for the actual working of the exerciser.  When inserted, a person uses their PC muscles to squeeze the pillow, and it vibrates in response.

Once the kGoal is paired with its app (available in both iTunes and Googleplay), you can set the device to respond to muscle squeezes by vibrating the air pillow, the clitoral arm, both, or neither.  Also in the app is the guided workout, consisting of long squeezes, controlled squeezes (slowly building and releasing squeeze) and short squeezes.  There is a visual line on a scale in the app that moves up and down in real time in response to the squeezes.  The app then saves your activity, so you can check your progress for improvement over time.

What I loved: I absolutely love that you can check your progress in real time.  Not only do I feel the vibration of the kGoal when I squeeze my muscles, but I can also watch the line inside the workout app move in response.  I don’t have to guess if this squeeze was as strong as the last one, or if I’m doing as well as I normally do.  I can check all those things.

The pairing of an app with the kGoal may sound overly complicated for something as simple as working your Kegel muscles, but it is delightfully simple and user friendly.  And, having the app with it makes it so much more entertaining and make me more likely to use it based on the novelty of it alone.  The kGoal is, simply, pretty darn cool.  Also, it’s blue, you guys.  BLUE.

The last thing I want to touch on that I love so very much is that I can chart my progress over time.  There’s a graph and everything.  For sapiosexual information nerds like me, that’s such a huge plus.  When I am behaving and actually working my Kegels like I’m supposed to, I can notice improvements via orgasm strength, or how well my menstrual cup stays in, or even what happens (or, uh, doesn’t happen) when I sneeze.  Now not only can I see that I’m improving, I can see how much.

What I didn’t: [SEE UPDATES AT THE END OF THIS SECTION] There are two things I didn’t like about the kGoal.  The first is that the pillow is so sensitive I had trouble finding a position that it didn’t register as me squeezing when I wasn’t squeezing.  Full disclaimer, it’s totally possible that I just tend to squeeze a little bit naturally.  But because of it, it registered me as squeezing when I was standing and sitting.  I ended up having to do a semi-awkward half laying/half sitting lounge position for it to register zero for me to start the workout.


Squeeze that is registered when I’m sitting and standing, even when not actively squeezing.

The other thing is that from the first workouts, I was consistently registering a 9-point-something out of 10 for the muscle squeeze scores.  Since the scale only goes up to 10, once I get to that point, I will no longer have a way to chart my progress unless I fall below 10 again.  That’s disappointing.  I don’t think my muscles are unusually strong, but rather Minna’s workout is simply too easy.  I’d be much happier to see the scale go to 20, or at least make it not so easy to reach 10.

UPDATE: Minna Life was kind enough to get back to me over my issues.  I’m told that while inserted, if you press the power button briefly it will zero out the kGoal, and you’ll start at zero, even if you, like me, tend to lightly squeeze naturally.  As far as the easiness of the workout and how little it takes to reach 10 on their scale, Minna Life tells me that they are aware of this issue and have an update that addresses this exact problem due to come out in May.

Final thought: The Minna Life kGoal sells for about $150, and I’m going to say worth it. I love the fact that you can see your squeezes in real time and compare each squeeze to another.  However, if you feel you already have pretty solid Kegel muscles, you may be a little frustrated with how fast you reach the top level of the app.

~I received this item in exchange for an honest review.~


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    • Yeppers, 2 of them. Is it the size that is concerning to you? I can send you a photo with it deflated, if that’s helpful to you.

    • It sort of depends. If I’m short on time and need to multi task, I use the Ami. If I have more time to sit down and pay attention, the kGoal.

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