May is Masturbation Month

Let’s talk the big M: Masturbation.  May is International Masturbation Month, formerly National Masturbation Month.  Sex positive business Good Vibrations started the first National Masturbation Day and Month in 1995, after former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders lost her job for having the audacity to suggest that maybe we should be teaching our youth about masturbation as a possible way to curb more risky behavior.  The horror.  Clutch your pearls, ya’ll.

Personally, I just don’t get the still-present icky feelings that people have around the word.  Like self pleasure is bad, and wrong, and scary.  That we should be terrified of knowing what our parts look and feel like, or knowing how to please ourselves.  I’ve noticed that those that are staunchly anti-masturbation usually make a big deal about sexual pleasure being reserved for partners.  But here’s the thing: how can you communicate with your partner about what you like if you don’t know and are afraid to find out?

I love having sex with the Husband, but let’s be honest here.  Life is life, and he’s not always available or in the mood.  Further, sometimes, I just feel like masturbating.  And I’m not ashamed of that, thankyouverymuch.

So in honor of Masturbation Month (I’m over a week late, I know, stop judging me), I’m giving you the lowdown on some of my favorite shops’ sales.  Go.  Buy.  Learn about yourself.  Don’t have the funds for happy time fun toys?  Use your fingers and explore.  Learn about the geography of your body.  I will not have you being one of those people that can’t find their clitoris and think they pee from their vag.  Nossir.
Shevibe has several sales going on.  They typically do, and right now you can get these deals:
-15% off Fuze toys through 5/26/15
-20% off select Tantus toys while supplies last
-Free shipping when you purchase a Traz Rhino, which isn’t strictly a masturbation toy, but according to Rhino’s site can be. (See my review)

Tantus remains one of my most favorite manufacturers ever, and with good reason.  Their toys are body safe and a-maz-ing.
Maybation sale: 20% off when you buy lube+any solo toy.
-Use code BUNS to get 15% off their new Vibrating Progressive Beads.
-Up to 30% off classic rings and slings.  Again, not specifically masturbation toys, but still.

Sensual Intelligence is a Canada-based shop that serves both Canada and the US.  Here’s what they have going on:
-Use code SEXYFUN to get 5% off your entire purchase.
-Use code TANTUS15 to get 15% off all Tantus toys.


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