Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~pulse review

I will be the first to admit that the first time I saw Hot Octopuss’s Pulse long ago, I sort of laughed at it and then ignored it.  Most of the time when I see a new toy come on the market that I find ridiculous, my suspicions are often proven correct.  This time, though, I was very wrong.  Sort of.

OK, here’s the deal.  Husband recently discovered that he likes vibrations on his penis, where before he did not.  He tried the Pulse II Duo, but was so meh about the whole thing that there was no way I could write an accurate review off of it.  He gave notes on the way it could improve and be awesome for him, but as it was it just wasn’t going to do much.  So, I did what any self-respected sex blogger would do.  I pulled in more people!  Well, one person.  I grabbed one of my male, sex positive friends and made him try it, too.  Both men had very different experiences with the Pulse II Duo, and have very different anatomies and pleasure spots and need different types of stimulation.

Also, I have friends that will gleefully test sex toys for me to give me extra info.  And none of us find that weird at all.  I have the best friends ever.

A little bit about it: The Pulse II Duo is a vibrator for guys.  A guybrator!  It has two independent motors.  The first is on the under side, which makes contact with the penis.  The other is on the top, that a woman could straddle and grind against her clitoris for foreplay, if they want to use the Pulse as a couple’s toy.  This second motor is what’s controlled by the remote, while the penile one is controlled by buttons on the vibrator itself.

They guys’ experiences:

Both the gents liked the novelty of it.  A vibrator for guys is a new thing to both of them.  Both of them found them pleasurable, but for different reasons.

Husband: The vibration definitely felt pleasurable, and he didn’t feel the need to increase the speed from the lowest setting.  The vibrating knob that sits against the frenulum hits exactly the right spot in the right way.  It feels good, but it’s not quite the right stimulation for him.  He’s used to using a closed hand technique, masturbating face down or using Tenga eggs for masturbation.  Since the Pulse Duo is so open, both on the top and on the front (or back, depending on your point of view…The side that would be closest to the belly), it doesn’t provide enough stimulation for him.  He needs to have his whole penis, including and especially the head, covered and making contact.  It doesn’t help that he isn’t what you would call super duper sensitive, and yet his skin goes numb easily.  He tried both holding it still and rubbing with lube.  The rubbing was better, but still not enough.

His conclusion: In short, if the Pulse Duo was more enclosed, Husband would like it more and would have no trouble having an orgasm from it.  As it is, it makes a nice foreplay toy, but will never be the main event for him.

Guy friend: Guy friend is always up for trying new things.  Like Husband, he was intrigued with the idea of a vibrator for guys.  His skin is more sensitive than Husband’s, and doesn’t numb as quickly.  His pleasure spots are a little less specific than Husband, and when he masturbates, he tends to use a more open-handed motion, with contact only happening at a few points on his shaft.  Yes, I asked.  We’re good friends.  And my friends are awesome and don’t even flinch telling me stuff like that.  They often follow up these conversations by asking for lube and toy recommendations, but that’s beside the point and I’m getting off track.

Anyway, his experience was different than Husband’s.  Although he, like Husband, found that the best way for him to use it was with lube and a slight stroking motion, the outcome was far better.  Since he tends to use a more open-handed motion when he masturbates, having an open top and back didn’t bother him in the slightest.  He didn’t have the feeling that anything was missing.  The vibrations hit the right spots, and he was able to orgasm in under 5 minutes.  For comparison, his orgasm time during intercourse is roughly 30 or more minutes, on average.  And no, he’s not fibbing.  I checked with his wife.

His conclusion: The Pulse II lives up to it’s reputation.  He would use it if he owned it, as a quick and pleasurable way to masturbate.  Easy to use, quick clean up, and allows him to come faster.

My experience: I tried it for foreplay on my clitoris as the company suggests, but the vibration is spread across too wide of an area for me to get anywhere near orgasm from it.  I prefer either pinpoint accuracy, or broad but very, very strong.  The Pulse is strong, but just not quite enough for my clit-o-steel.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s pleasurable, it feels pretty dang good, but not right for me to come with.  It is strictly a foreplay thing.

Final thought: I’m going to have to say worth it, but, it seems to depend on the way a man masturbates.  If a penis-haver is used to a closed hand, or eggs and masturbators that tightly fit, it may be harder to come with the Pulse.  However, if he is used to a more open hand or varies the way he masturbates, or knows that he likes vibration, the Pulse II is so, so worth it.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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