SpareParts Hardwear Joque Harness Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~spareparts hardware joque harness review

Pegging is something he and I engage in.  Not often, but often enough that we want a decent harness with good toys to use.  Good toys isn’t a problem (yeah, hi, Tantus).  But finding a good harness was a little more of a problem.  Other harnesses were ill-fitting, hot, awkward.  Blah.  Enter the Joque Harness from SpareParts Hardwear!

A little bit about it: The Joque is an adjustable dildo harness.  It comes in two sizes, and several colors.  There is a pocket for a vibrator on the inside for the wearer.

What I loved: The first time I put on the Joque, I was all sorts of wowed.  It’s completely adjustable around the waist and legs, cute, and very, very comfortable.  SpareParts boasts that the Joque “feels like ‘virtual second skin’.”  They weren’t kidding.  When I put it on, it felt completely natural.

When I added a dildo to it, I thought I’d feel odd or silly, the way I had in other harnesses.  But, I was surprised to find just how unsilly it felt.  (Is unsilly a word?  Eh, I’m going with it.)  The dildo protruding from me actually looked sexy, like it belonged there.  It was stable, and comfortable, and awesome.

In practice, the harness was equally awesome for pegging.  The dildo held in place very well and I did not have to stop to readjust at all.  Unlike other harnesses that I’ve tried, I didn’t feel like I needed to make exaggerated movements or try to awkwardly hold the dildo in place.

It wasn’t just me that liked it.  He liked it, too.  In addition to it looking sexy on me, he thought it seemed more secure than other harnesses, and liked just how the adjustable the fit was.  As the receiver, it didn’t seem as awkward for him as other harnesses had.

What I didn’t: Two pretty minor complaints.  First, the material is a little bit stretchy where the dildo protrudes.  It makes it so I could feel the dildo moving *slightly* forward and back with the material.  That’s more that I wasn’t used to feeling it move in that direction than an actual complaint.  And let me be clear: when I say movement, I’m talking in milimeters.  It wasn’t moving all over the place.Spareparts hardwear joque harness review

The second problem I had was with the vibe pocket.  It runs horizontally, and hits both my legs.  When I tried the We-Vibe Tango in it, it was simply too long to fit there.  Maybe a shorter vibrator would work, but to be honest, I’d love to see a vibe pocket that ran vertically, on the innermost flap.  That way instead of the vibe laying across my labia, like now, it would lie between them, and hit my clitoris.


Final thought: I really, really like the Joque Harness.  I mean, I REALLY like it.  I’ve never tried one that felt so comfortable and natural!  If you are looking for a new harness, this one is definitely worth a look.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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