Bettie Page Longing for Leather Bullwhip Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~Bettie Page Bullwhip Review

BDSM is something I explore when the mood strikes me.  I would not say I’m an expert, not anywhere close.  More like a very interested amateur that also happens to be a bit of an information whore, but my real world experience with BDSM tools is fairly limited.  That’s why I was so delighted to receive the Bettie Page Longing for Leather Bullwhip.  Takes forever to say, fun to use.

A little bit about it: This pretty little whip is made of braided leather with a slight stretch.  It is roughly 34″ from handle to tip, 28″ if you exclude the handle.

What I loved: I’ve had experience with paddles and other impact toys, and limited experience with floggers.  A whip is a completely different experience.  While an impact toy could either sting or thud depending on how it’s used, the sensation generally radiates across a wide area.  This bullwhip, though, creates a very localized and intense sensation where contact is made.  Or at least that’s how it seems to me.

Right out of the box, the smell of the leather is intoxicating.  The whip is visually attractive and seems well made, with a little bit of a stretch along the braids.  The handle is comfortable and fits very nice in both his and my hands.Bettie Page Longing for Leather Bullwhip ReviewIn use, the whip takes a little bit of practice, more so than a paddle or a flogger, or even a cane.  With other impact toys, you can test them a little bit on yourself to get a feel for the kind of sensations you are causing, and then warm up with light taps before swinging harder.  That’s still true for the whip, but with an extra layer of difficulty: aim.  Most impact toys are short (ish) and aside from an occasional misplaced blow, they are fairly easy to control, or at least it seems to me.  A whip, however, is long and flexible, and you can easily miss your mark or misjudge the intensity of a swing.  It’s far, far better to practice first.

It may seem that having a learning curve to a toy is a bad thing, and shouldn’t be in my love section, but in fact, it kind of makes me love it all the more.  Things that are easy are, well, easy.  A clitoral vibe goes on the clit, a dildo goes wherever (depending on the type and safety features), but a BDSM toy that takes skill adds more, in my opinion, to a power play session, injecting confidence and excitement after practice and making a scene that much more erotic.  To be at the hands of someone I love that actually knows how to use the tool he’s about to use on me?  Yeah, I’m all over that.

Bettie Page Longing for Leather Bullwhip reviewThe whip is easy to swing, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of elbow room to get a good impact with it.  And, since it’s a short whip, it doesn’t take a lot of room to practice with, either.  Just a note for newbies, though, that you will not get the snap sound with a whip like this.  It’s not made for that.  Don’t think that because you aren’t hearing a crack means you are doing something wrong, and certainly don’t take it to mean that you aren’t hitting hard enough, especially if you are using it on a person.  It’s not that kind of whip.

The short length of the whip also adds a little extra feature that would be more difficult to achieve with something longer.  We found that if we fold it over, so our hands are holding both the tip and handle in the same hand, it can be used as an open center paddle, which is yet another new and different sensation.

What I didn’t: There is only one thing we really didn’t like about it.  The loop on the handle is too small.  We assumed it was meant to go around your wrist for stability, but it’s too short for that, but too long to assume that it’s meant to be a loop to hang it with.  So we really don’t know what that loop is for, but we’d like to see it be a little bit longer.

The last thing was not a problem with the whip, but more a problem with how we used it, and wanted to warn others against making the same mistake.  In the middle of a scene, we got a little too into it and used the whip as a restraint.  Nothing was tied, and it was only for a moment. [Cautionary note: if you play with restraints in any fashion, always have a way for the sub/bottom to communicate discomfort and always have a way that they can be immediately released from restraints, and never bind someone tightly or leave a retrained person alone, to name just a few safety rules.]  That one moment, however, was all it took to cause damage.  The braids left strange, stretchmark-like creases on my skin, and it took a week before they were gone.  I hid with them make-up to make them less noticeable to prying eyes.

Final thought: You can pick up the Bettie Page Longing for Leather Bullwhip at shevibe for about $80.  If you are interested in impact play, it’s well worth having in your collection, and with proper care, should last a long time.

Thanks to shevibe for sending me this to review!

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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