Sportsheets Ponytail Flogger Review

ponytail flogger review~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

I’m still pretty new to impact play, but there’s something exciting about dancing the line between hurts so good and just flat out hurts.  Sportsheets’s Ponytail Flogger sits well within the former.

A little bit about it: The Ponytail flogger is made of roughly 16″ of real horsehair, but has a handle wrapped in vegan (faux) leather.  It comes with a loop on the end for hanging, if you are one of those lucky people with a dedicated toy closet.

What I loved: These sections are hard to fill out on impact toys because they are just so delightfully simple.  You get hit, you feel stuff.  But the feeling of the impact from toy to toy is different.  Does it hurt?  Yes.  There is a definite bite to it, but it’s not as intense as some other impact toys.  For me, using this flogger is right there on that mild to medium sensation side.  It’s not intense, but it’s not nothing.  If he’s using it on me, it stings, but it’s not so much that I get restless or uncomfortable.  But, if he’s done anything else beforehand, like a spanking or using a paddle, the flog is much more intense.

Because it gives a pretty good sensation without being over the top, I imagine beginners to impact play would like this one.  However, everyone has different skin sensitivities, so what felt to me on the pleasant side of ow to others may fell unbearable, and vice versa.

What I didn’t:  He complained about the handle.  He didn’t like the way the faux leather felt on his skin.  Since he has experienced only leather floggers before, it felt wrong to him.  In my hands, it felt fine.  However, since he disclosed his feelings about the handle wrapping, I have taken it out again and noticed that the wrapping is starting to come undone, like it wasn’t secured on the wood beneath it well enough.

Final thought: I like this flogger.  It’s nice, light, and it has a good sensation without (in my opinion) being too much.  You can get it for between $35 and $60, depending on your shop of choice.  Those with a taste for leather and more high end toys might not like this one, but it’s a good starter piece or for those that like the sensation of horsehair.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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