Tantus Alan O2 Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~Tantus Alan Review

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I’m continuing to love Tantus’s O2 line, which they’ve used to shape everything from hyper-realistic, uncircumsized cocks to more fanciful pieces in stunning colors.  Next up for review is another realistic dildo, the Alan O2.

A little bit about it: The Alan is part of Tantus’s ever growing O2 line, which consists of a softer outer layer and a firmer core, all made from high quality silicone.  It has a circumference of roughly 5″ and an insertible length of 6.5.”  It comes with a suction cup and bullet vibrator.

What I loved: Tantus has been changing my feelings about realistic dildos.  If you asked me a few weeks ago how I felt about them, I’d probably roll my eyes and just assume you were talking about some jelly or PVC atrocity.  And they tend to be rather…unattractive.  But after I received the object of my last review, the Tantus Uncut #1, I started to re-examine my feelings.  The Alan is also a realistic dildo, but is in no way atrocious.

Tantus Alan ReviewWhile the Uncut was hyper-realistic, the Alan is more understated.  The wrinkles, veins, and pores are still there, giving a definite real appearance, but it’s a bit more muted than on the Uncut.  This is neither good nor bad, just a thing to keep in mind if you have preferences.

The shaft is straight and has some give to it, which typically would make my G-spot a little on the pissed-off-from-lack-of-stimulation side, but the head more than makes up for it.  The ridge at the base of glans hits my G-spot just right.  But it doesn’t just hit it.  It hits it and, because of the shape, pulls on it in the best way possible, creating a distinct kind of stimulation that is part glide, part tug, part pressure.

The size is in the realm of just right.  The circumference and length is roughly equivalent to the average penis, neither too large nor too small for most people (with exceptions, of course).

What I didn’t: I dig the suction cup, but have never been a fan of Tantus’s included bullet vibe, or bullet vibes in general, with notable exceptions.

Final thought: Like many of Tantus’s toys, the Alan O2 hovers around the $120 mark, but worth every penny.  Tantus toys are high quality and with proper care will last a lifetime, unlike cheaper toys that will break down over time.

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~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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