L’Amourose Rosa Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~l'amourose rosa review

I’ll be honest.  I was confused on what the Rosa was.  I took it out of the box, flipped it around in my hands a few times, trying to figure out if I was looking at a G-spot vibe or an anal plug.  A friend and I argued about it for a while, staring it down, willing it to tell us what it actually is.  Well, it turns out it’s a G-spot vibe.  And an amazing one at that.

A little bit about it: The Rosa is a waterproof, rechargeable G-spot vibrator made of silky silicone.  It has two separate, multi-speed motors: one for the base, one for the shaft.

What I loved: This toy.  THIS TOY.  The L’Amourose toys are beautiful, but the Rosa‘s function is even greater than it’s beauty.

When I first inserted the toy, I was surprised by how well it fit, as if it was made for me.  It slid right in, its turns and ridges fitting against the exact right spots, as if it was made from a cast of my vagina.  Of course it wasn’t, but the design felt like it curved and moved with the rest of me and fit with my shape, instead of fighting against it.  I didn’t know a toy could be comfortable and orgasmic at the same time.

rosa2And then there’s the dual motor vibration.  The vibration is deep and rumbly, stimulating my G-spot, labia, and clitoris at the same time and bringing me to orgasm very quickly.  Not clitoral orgasms, you understand.  Those are a little hard for me to get to, but the G-spot orgasm was almost instant thanks to the way it fits inside me.

Oh, and it’s practically hands free!  If I lay on my back with my legs closed-ish, it’s held in place just right by it’s shape and vibrates away.  No thrusting necessary.  A truly hands-free experience is so hard to come by, and doesn’t even seem to work that well with toys that are actually designed to be hands-free.  Finding one that I can do that with AND has a great vibration?  Awesome.

What I didn’t: Yeah, no.  We’re good.

Final thought: OK, I’m not going to lie here.  It’s expensive, around the $180 mark.  That’s a lot to ask for a vibrator that won’t do your dishes, pick up after your small humans, or mow the lawn.  But it’s amazing.  I will henceforth call it the lazy girl’s bit of awesome: intense orgasms with little work.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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