We-Vibe Nova Review

we-vibe nova review~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

We-Vibe makes the coolest toys.  Seriously.  And although I am generally not a great fan of rabbits, I wanted to try one of their newest toys, the Nova, because of the unique shape and, well, We-vibe.  Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out great, but it has a happy ending!

A little bit about it: The We-Vibe Nova is a waterproof, silicone, rechargeable, rabbit-style vibrator.  It is multi-speed, multi-pattern, and vibrates with two separate motors.  It has a compatible app that allows close control over bluetooth, or at a distance with wifi.

We’re going to do this backwards today, and start with what was wrong, and finish with what was right.

What I didn’t love: Here’s the thing about me and rabbits.  My clitoris is a little farther than average away from my vagina.  There.  I said it.  Not incredibly far, a fraction of an inch, perhaps, but that little bit of extra distance makes all the difference when we’re talking about rabbits.  I can have the clitoral arm hit my clitoris, or the internal arm hit my g-spot.  I can’t have both.

With the Nova’s flexible arm, I had hope.  There was a chance that maybe, with it being flexible, I could make this work.  I always wanted a rabbit I could really, really like.  Sadly, this one isn’t it.  The clitoral arm is very curved, and when I tried to apply pressure to change the point of contact, the arm just curved all the more, so the point of most contact with my own body remained the same.

What I loved: But the story isn’t over!  This little lobster claw has a lot of great things going for it.

The silicone is smooth and body safe.  The vibrations are powerful and quiet, and the clitoral arm and vaginal shaft run off of two motors that can be independently controlled.  And to be perfectly honest, the curve of the vaginal shaft feels good.  Really good.  But as the clitoral arm doesn’t hit me right, it just doesn’t work as a rabbit, and it gets in the way to use it as a typical dildo.

I had a suspicion that, with as much care and craft that We-Vibe puts into their toys, there was a good chance this toy was not a flop, but maybe just a flop on me.  So I grabbed a friend (you remember my friends, right?  I have great friends that help with these things), and presented her the Nova to see if her reaction was any different.  After a few days, we discussed, and her experience with it was nothing like mine.

As as wonky and misplaced as it was with my anatomy is how well it fit her.  She had a great time playing with all the app functions, but did admit that there was a bit of learning to find the exact right positioning and angle of the toy.  But once she did, it hit all the right spots on her, and “…it was a very quick zero to O for me.”

Final thought: The Nova didn’t work for me, but rabbits in general don’t work for me.  My little fact finding mission lead me to believe that for those that like rabbits, the Nova is a great choice and an awesome toy.

Not sure if you like rabbits?  The Nova’s independent motors, silicone shaft, and strong vibrations might be a good place to start.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~


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  1. That’s my fear with rabbits as well! I have read on how to measure to make sure you’re getting the right vibe, but even then, I’m scared of it not working out for me and me being disappointed. That’s wonderful that your friend enjoyed it though!!

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