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~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~vesper review

Vibrator jewelry.  Just think about that for a second.  Vibrator jewelry.  Vibrators that look like honest-to-goodness, totally untacky, oh-he-ma-gee where did you get that jewelry.  For a long time, wearable vibrators were relegated to cock rings and buzzing panties, and later fingertip vibes, but none of these would be particularly welcome being seen on your person outside of the bedroom.  Or sex club.  Hey, I don’t know what you get up to in your spare time.  I don’t judge.

And then came the new kid on the scene: the Crave Vesper.  Wearable art that is classy enough to wear in front of your mother, but can make you come later.

A little bit about it: The Vesper is an ultra-slim, bullet style rechargeable vibrator.  It comes in 3 colors: gold (plated), rose gold, and silver (pictured), and each has a matching, removable chain.

What I loved: It’s a freaking amazing statement piece, you guys.  I love to dress it up with a nice shirt and wedges or dress it down with a solid tee and flats.  It’s kind of like what they say about diamonds: they go with everything.  I have never gotten more compliments on a piece of jewelry, ever, than I do with the Crave Vesper.  Friends ask to see it and want to know where I got it.  Strangers have stopped me to ask about it.  Seriously, it has become my absolute favorite piece of jewelry.

Oh, and it’s a vibrator, too.  Sometimes I forget that part because I just love it so much as a necklace!

As a vibrator, it’s extremely quiet.  Have roommates?  No problem.  You can have your orgasm and wear it, too!  You can barely hear a hum even if you are up close to it.  Not only is it quiet, it has a fascinating tactile pleasure.  The metal is very sleek, and since my fingers are slim, it feels pleasantly proportional in my hands.  I would liken it to holding a favorite pen that feels good to your fingers with just the right amount of weight.  Anyone that is a favorite pen kind of person probably knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The motor is surprisingly strong.  Really, I was not expecting it to be so powerful.  With the Crave Vesper being so tiny, I expected maybe a buzzy little affair, and not much better than a standard cheap bullet.  I was shocked when I turned it on and felt just how amazingly powerful the motor was.  The entire shaft right up to the tip vibrates, so there is no spot that doesn’t work as well, unlike some other vibrators.

I obviously love the Crave Vesper.  And I get super excited when I see other people wearing it or knowing what it is.  That’s the sex positive gal in me, who wants everyone to be able to experience pleasure on their own terms, including wearable clit stimulators.  As such, when I had lunch with a friend one day and she correctly identified what I was wearing, and told me about her own, I was overjoyed.  Because sex positive.  Vibrator jewelry.  Shiny things and orgasms.

In short, I get really hyped when I see other people wearing one, owning one, or taking an interest.  It’s like a secret handshake.  Like hey you, there’s something in you that I also recognize in me.  It’s pretty cool.  Because, I mean, we don’t get to wear our sex toys out for the world to see to show that we are who we are.  And that a product gave us a way to do that is awesome.  But…pro tip:  Not everyone wants to be called out on having one.  I was out one day when a woman walked by wearing the same model I have.

“Hey!” I said.  “I love your necklace!  I have the same one!”  I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t thinking.  She could not get away from me fast enough.  So rock out with your orgasm-inducing bling.  But address it on others with caution.

What I didn’t: Honestly, I have one complaint, and it is in no way the fault of the Crave Vesper.  I like pinpoint stimulation, and I like broad stimulation, but mostly I like something in between.  The Vesper is amazing for pinpoint stimulation, but it’s a little too pinpoint for me.  I need a little more surface area.  But my readers that have asked for something very direct and pinpoint, rejoice!  This is definitely for you!

Final thought:  Worth it.  So, so, worth it.  It’s jewelry.  It’s a sex toy.  It’s an amazing piece of functional art.  And I kid you not, is my new favorite thing.  If you want your own wearable, sex positive handshake, or you really, really like direct and pinpoint stimulation, or both, pick one up!

Thank you to Shevibe for sending this to me!


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  1. Funny, I thought that this would be a great conversation piece, as well as a cool way to find um like-minded women. So I’m surprised that a woman who was, you know, WEARING a vibrator would shy away from another. It just goes to show how weird we all are about sex.

  2. Thanks for your review! I’ve been looking at this vibrator for awhile, and can’t wait until I have one of my own!

    How did you happen to get one for free to review? Did Crave reach out to you, or did you make the initial contact with them?


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