Magic Banana Review

~I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.~

mb1I’m a huge fan of Kegel exercises.  When I keep up with my routine, I have stronger clitoral orgasms, easier to achieve vaginal orgasms, no sneezing mishaps (if you have them, you know what I’m talking about), and my menstrual cup fits better.  If you followed the Kegel Project, you know that many of the participants had similar results from working their PC muscles.

Not long after the start of the Kegel Project, I learned about the Magic Banana.  None of the other bloggers were talking much about it at the time, and the only reviews I found were on Magic Banana’s own site, which were brief and told me, as a sex blogger, nothing of particular use.  They said it was “good,” but I needed to know why it’s good.  What makes it that way?  Why is the Magic Banana better than the dozens of other Kegel exercisers out there?  At nearly $70, it was a bit pricey for me to snatch up without knowing if it was any better than my Kegel ball collection.  When Sensual Intelligence, a Canada-based company, offered me the opportunity to review the Magic Banana, I jumped on the offer.  Is it the revolutionary product it claimed to be, or just another Kegel exerciser?


A little bit about it: The Magic Banana is two toys in one.  It claims to be both a tool for “self-exploration” (read: sex toy), and a Kegel exerciser.  Magic Banana states on it’s own site that it is made of non-toxic, FDA-approved tubing.  Kegels are worked by inserting the loop and squeezing against the tubes, and it can be used as a sex toy the way you’d use any other dildo.

What I loved: As a kegel exerciser: I will put my hand up and admit it: this is unlike any other Kegel exerciser I’ve seen, and people that have been reading know I love trying new and unique toys and toy technologies.  Most, though not all, exercisers come in the form of spheres that are inserted into the vagina.  Many are spheres within spheres.  This loop design, though, was new.  Kudos to the designer that wasn’t satisfied with making yet another ball-shaped exerciser.

When the loop is inserted, if the user looks down towards the handle and squeezes their PC muscles, you can actually see the ends of the arms squeezing together.  That’s a great touch for people new to Kegels that aren’t sure if they are working the right muscle groups.  Seeing the arms move gives visual feedback.  However, a person that has mobility problems may have trouble moving their head/neck enough to see the arms squeezing together.

As a sex toy: When I took the Magic Banana out of the package, I did not think it would be pleasurable at all.  I was completely surprised when I had a vaginal orgasm from it after a few minutes of use.  No, really, I was completely shocked.  I’m a person that needs solid, strong pressure on my G-spot, and the Magic Banana certainly doesn’t meet that description.  However, even though I achieved orgasm from it, it felt kind of wrong.  Instead of it being a deep, allover sensation, it was more focused on where the end of loop was.  It was pleasurable, but not nearly as good as a standard G-spot dildo would achieve.

What I didn’t: As a Kegel exerciser: I’m not in love.  Although I get visual feedback that I’m working the correct muscle group, I find trying to carve out some private time just to work my Kegels with the Magic Banana to be inconvenient.  Since Husband and I have children, it’s hard enough to make sure we have intimate time, let alone trying to locate more time to only work on my Kegels.  I still prefer my Je Joue Ami, which can be inserted and worn, so I work my Kegels as I go about my business.

As a sex toy: Even though the Magic Banana feels nice, it doesn’t feel as good to me as other G-spot toys.  It’s lacking the firm, allover sensation I enjoy from toys like the Tantus Splash and Njoy Pure Wand.  The Magic Banana may not be firm enough for those that need firm pressure to stimulate or even find their G-spots.  Don’t get me wrong, the Magic Banana feels nice, but it doesn’t quite compare to standard, girthy toys, or at least that’s what my G-spot says.

Finally, I have a slight bone to pick with Magic Banana.  At first I was concerned with how many claims they made (“enhance orgasm,” “be a better lover,” “relax deeply,” “improve sleep,” etc.).  I have a history of being annoyed by grand claims.  But these claims, for the right people, can possibly be true, especially if they are learning their body better and sexual stimulation helps them relax.  I let it go.  But then, in the course of just doing some cursory research for this review, I noticed something: nowhere on the box does it say what the Magic Banana is made of.  “Huh,” I thought, “that’s odd.  Well, I’ll just check their website.”  I visited Magic Banana’s site and found that though they talk a lot about the material (non-toxic, FDA-approved, etc), they never say what that material actually is.  Now, it doesn’t have the curious smell or stickiness or the general feeling of eww that some questionable materials have, and I believe that the material probably is FDA-approved, non-toxic, and all the other things they claim.  I have no reason at the moment to feel that they’ve been untruthful.  Still, since the sex toy industry is largely unregulated I want to be very careful about what materials I use with my body.  It’s not enough for me, with all I’ve read and all I’ve seen, to be OK with just a description of material without being told what the material is.  I want to know, need to know, what a toy is made of.

So there I was, with a package, a booklet, and a website, and none of them coming out and stating what the material actually is.  I still tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe it was an oversight.  Maybe they didn’t think consumers would care as long as it had the list of rather impressive credentials the material has.  Maybe no one has cared to ask them.  For thoroughness and peace of mind (and a little mild annoyance), I sent them an email to ask about the material.  That was a week ago.  I’m still awaiting the answer, and will update this post if I get one.  But like I said, even though I don’t believe the material is unsafe, I am a bit annoyed that I had to work so hard to get an answer.  Actually, at the moment, no answer.

UPDATE: I’ve been in touch with Magic Banana.  Even though they took a few weeks to get back to me (due to circumstances beyond their control), they did hear me and they did answer.  They said:

The inner core is silicone, and all other components of the Magic Banana® are medical grade plastic, even the handle.  This factor makes our product a little more expensive than even I’d like it to be, however we are committed to using only the best quality materials.  As you may or may not know, there are no regulations for ‘sex-toys’ – thus when consumers decide to purchase, they’re putting big faith in the manufacturer that their ethics and manufacturing processes are in the right place.
You may think for a second, wait, is she talking down to me with the sex toy industry not being regulated bit?  Nope, she wasn’t.  I did not identify myself as a sex blogger when I first contacted the company, so she had no idea that I wasn’t just your average consumer, many of whom do not know about the lack of regulations.
So, we’re looking at “medical grade plastic.”  This left me with one more question: is it porous?  Porous materials can be a problem, as they can never really be properly sterilized.  I asked, and they are currently waiting on a response from the manufacturer as to whether or not the material is porous.
UPDATE 2: Magic Banana contacted me again to let me know that they talked to the manufacturer.  Magic Banana tells me that:
The tubing is non-porous, confirmed, and FDA-Approved.

Final thought: To be honest, the material issue put me in a bad frame of mind about the Magic Banana.  If I set that aside, there are groups of people that the Magic Banana might be good for, and those that it won’t be.

The Magic Banana might be good for:

  • Those that live in situations where privacy is an issue (it doesn’t look like a sex toy)
  • Those that are new to toys or intimidated by the phallic shapes and designs of traditional dildos
  • Those that are new to Kegel exercises and would like the visual cue to assure them that they are working the right muscles
  • Those that want to try different shapes, materials, and firmness other than what’s offered in standard sex toys

You may not like the Magic Banana if:

  • You need lots of firmness for your G-spot
  • You need a toy to be girthy
  • You can’t carve out enough private time to devote only to Kegels
  • You prefer Kegel exercisers where the weights can be added, removed, made heavier or lighter

There are many G-spot toys that work better for me than the Magic Banana, and I still prefer my Ami for Kegel exercises.  With the Ami, there are different stages that can be used and I can work my Kegels as I go about my day.  Plus, the Ami ($44) is significantly cheaper than the Magic Banana (around $70).  However, I recognize that for some people, the Magic Banana is going to be right up their alley.  If that sounds like you, drop by Sensual Intelligence and pick one up.  As of right now, they are on sale for $48.

~I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.~



Magic Banana Review — 12 Comments

  1. Huh. When they said “self exploration” I thought that meant “isolating your PC muscles”. I didn’t think of using it as a dildo!
    I don’t like not knowing what it’s made of either. If it’s so wonderful you shouldn’t have anything to hide. :-/

    • Exactly. If you want me to purchase it, and as a blogger encourage others to purchase it, I can’t in good conscience do either without knowing what a product is made of. Jelly toys are supposedly safe, but many of us know better. I don’t just want a company’s assurance; I want to be able to do some research myself. Plus, when I ask you a company a question, and they don’t answer, that makes me feel isolated as a consumer. If the answer is “I can’t tell you because it’s proprietary,” I won’t like it, but I’d feel a lot better than you just ignoring my question. That makes me feel like your customer service is not great. I don’t stay with or support companies that don’t have excellent customer service.

  2. I still look at this and wonder how the hell does this work as a Kegel exerciser. Let’s not even talk about dildo…lol. It does look really really interesting though. If only the material was known… I just hope they are not hiding this information because there’s something fishy about it, but more because it’s a secret recipe they want to hide from other manufacturers.

  3. I wish sex toy manufacturers would be more transparent about the materials they make their toys out of. There are more important things in life (your consumers’ health, for example) than keeping your “secret sex toy recipe.” Sex toy materials should not be the main selling point of any particular item, it should just be a basic rule that toys need to be safe. The features of the Magic Banana alone would be enough to keep customers coming back. However, because it is impossible to know what the thing is made of they have probably lost more than a few sales.

    Really great review. Keep up the good work!

  4. So, it’s been over a year since you tried the product, have you had a change of opinion on it after becoming more accustomed to it. Oh and suggestion, I wouldn’t think you’d need to find designated time out of you day, if you’d wear a skirt while using it.

    • Nope, still not a huge fan. And also, you still would have to carve out the time if you’re wearing a skirt, because you would need to lay down or recline, and be alone.

  5. Have you ever tried the kegelmaster or gyneflex ? Just like the magic banana you will need to set aside intimate time to use these. but I would like to know your take on which gives better results your standard level exercisers such as weighted balls /eggs or those like they above mentioned. I’ve tried Ben wa balls and glass eggs I recently bought a kegelmaster and found that it hes gaven me the quickest and best results.

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