Dee Lee Doo Habu Review

Dee Lee Doo Habu~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

Update 4/22/14.  See bottom of post.

When I think of safe toy materials, I generally think of silicone, metal, and glass.  There are a few other safe materials, but those are my favorites.  Wood from a reputable manufacturer is also on safe side, not to mention the wonderful naturalness of it.  The elegance.  The lightness.  The natural beauty.  There are shapes of wooden toys that I’ve not seen mimicked in other materials.  I reached out to new company Dee Lee Doo which agreed to offer one of their beautiful items for review.

A little bit about it: Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way.  Every time I mention wooden toys to a person that’s new to them, I hear the same thing: “Um…splinters?”  Nope.  There are no splinters on wooden toys if they are properly made.  A good wooden toy will basically be encased inside the sealant.

habuscaleMoving on.  The Dee Lee Doo Habu is a double ended G-spot dildo.  It currently comes in a choice of zebrano, mahogany, and maple woods, but mine is made of mutenye. It’s roughly 9 inches long, and about 4 3/4 inches around on the tear drop end.  On the other end is a sharp upturn that’s great for G-spots.

What I loved: Other than the beauty and visual warmth of the wood, the Habu is very light.  My arms don’t get tired using it, but it still has a enough weight to be satisfying.

Usually with double ended toys, I have a definite preference for one end over the other.  However, with the Habu, I find I love both ends equally, and both ends are fantastic for G-spot stimulation.  The rounded, tear drop end provided a fullness and gentle rubbing, but it is easy to add pressure to it for a more intense sensation.  The deeply bent end gives a sharper, more intense feeling, and I find it easy to pinpoint my G-spot with it.  I have to say that it rivals some of my best G-spot toys in the pleasure realm.

Husband decided to try to use it on me.  He was very pleased with how light it was and how easy it is to use.  The word “ergonomic” fell out of his mouth several times.

What I didn’t: There was a problem I had with the Habu.  I would not be a good reviewer if I didn’t mention it.  When I received the toy, there were some issues.  After about 2 uses, I noticed there was some whitish discoloration, especially on the ends.  I looked closer, and saw there were small patches where there was no sealant, and there were somehabudamage areas where it was flaking off.  Was it a mistake during manufacturing?  It is a handmade item, and humans make mistakes.  Was it damage that happened during shipping?  It did look like customs had opened the box.  I contacted Dee Lee Doo right away, and they were quick to make it right and shipped out a new toy within a few days.  The new one arrived in much better condition, and felt like the finish on it was thicker.  Dee Lee Doo assures me that this one was the way it was supposed to be, and wasn’t sure what happened with the first.  However, there are some small patches of translucent discoloration after use on the second, so I’m monitoring the sealant on this one closely to see if it develops the same problem.  None of the other Dee Lee Doo reviewers have mentioned this, so I really don’t know what to make of it.

Final thought: I’m in love with the shape.  In. Love.  Both ends are amazing, and provide fantastic G-spot stimulation.  I have a few reservations on the finish, especially when I speak to reviewers of other wooden toys and those that make them.  If I felt a little more secure in the finish, I would heartily say the Habu is worth every penny at roughly $131 (95 Euro).

Want your own?  Hop on over to Dee Lee Doo and check out their selection.

UPDATE 4/22/14: After I became increasingly concerned about the durability and safety of the sealant, fellow sex blogger Lilly of Dangerous Lilly suggested I do the “water test” she mentions in her wooden toys post.  Basically, you submerge the toys for a short amount of time, and check for problems, like dark spots that remain wet after drying the rest of the toy.  I tested both the old Habu and the new one.  The old one failed, which was totally expected.  I already know that finish was damaged.  What surprised me is that when I submerged the new one for about a minute, it became very, very damaged. damage2These white cracks appeared all over the toy.  I dried it off and let it sit, but the markings have only become more obvious as the toy dries.  Further, the sealant has actually gotten thinner.  How do I know?  When I received the second one, I spent a long time stroking it up and down and comparing it to the first one, particularly how much thicker the sealant feels.  After submersion, I could feel the imperfections and pits in the wood, where I couldn’t before.  After this, I have to say that I can’t really recommend this toy.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~


Dee Lee Doo Habu Review — 10 Comments

  1. This is why I am always wary of new wooden sex toy manufacturers. The finish on the Penetralia pieces also didn’t seem very thick, although I didn’t have any problems. I just wish more testing was done by the manufacturers before sending their stuff out into vaginas.

    • What gets me is none of the other reviewers mentioned any problems. I don’t know why. It’s not like my vag is particularly different than the average person and causing the problems. So… I don’t know what’s going on here.

  2. Hmm.
    Have you tried the water test that was mentioned in my Wood 101 post? Submerge it for a minute, see if there’s darkening of the wood to see if it’s compromised.

    If this has happened to two pieces, I would doubt their quality. Perhaps the others don’t know what to look for, and aren’t looking for this? Maybe their pieces are made with lighter-colored wood and the spots aren’t as obvious? Dunno. Seems odd.

  3. So the shape is effective and the wood is pretty, but that sealant is no good.
    That’s a huge con. The vagina isn’t just wet, it’s somewhat acidic, so I don’t trust a sealant that rinses off in water.

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