Tantus P-Spot Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~Tantus P-spot

I fell in love with the shape of the Tantus P-spot before I even held it in my hands.  I love, love, love toys with a pronounced head.  They always hit my G-spot so wonderfully, and this has the pronounced head of pronounced heads.  But, the P-spot is made for, well, P-spots, aka, the prostate.  Obviously, I don’t have one of those.  So I showed it to Husband, who is fairly new to prostate play, but he totally did a nope octopus on it (“No way.  It’s too big!”).  So, I was on my own for testing it just for G-spot pleasure.

A little bit about it: The Tantus P-Spot is a silicone dildo made for prostate stimulation.  You can bleach it, boil it, or throw it in the dishwasher. It’s insertable length is roughly 7″ (8″ total length), with a head circumference of 5.25″.

What I loved: The shape itself is unique and fabulous.  It doesn’t have a straight shaft, but a shaft that curves this way and that in all the right ways.  And it doesn’t just have a decent head, but a large, bulbous head that curves, making it incredibly easy for me to hit my G-spot with.

The shape and size of the head seems to almost pop past my G-spot, instead of just rubbing against it.  The intensity of the resulting sensation makes it so incredibly easy to hit my G-spot in a really satisfying way.  The result is incredibly easy to attain G-spot orgasms.  I mean, my particular G-spot orgasms are pretty easy to achieve regardless, but the P-spot dildo makes them practically effortless.

Tantus p-spot reviewI was concerned about how the shaft being slightly flexible would affect my ability to get decent stimulation, since I most definitely need solid pressure on my G-spot.  However, even though the P-Spot dildo has a slightly flexible shaft, it’s not too flexible.  It’s just the right amount of flex to be comfortable without sacrificing being able to use pressure with it.  It’s the perfect combination in a dildo.

What I didn’t: If I had to pick something, I guess I wish it came in more colors.

Final thought: The P-Spot sells for just over $84 at Tantus.  It’s a wonderful addition to my toy box, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.  Tantus’s high quality silicone will last a very long time with proper care, and a dildo that works with my body this well is well worth the price tag.

If you are looking for a toy that is made specifically for G-spots, Tantus makes the G-Spot vibrator.  It has the same great shape as the G-spot, but also has a cavity in the bottom for a vibe or suction cup.

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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